Saturday, September 10, 2011


Sadly, we are through planning our class' 65th Birthday, SS&M (Social Security/Medicare), Party, because we've had so much fun at our "planning meetings".  However, we shall resume when you all you Harriman Class of '64 members get here on September the 24th!  It would be awesome if everyone could be here for the planning sessions, but sadly we have split apart and gone our separate ways.  But, that's the reason for our parties and get us all back together and renew our friendships and relive our high school days.

One good thing though, we won't have to hear Bob reminiscence about each and every one of you as we read the list of class names!  I think he could blackmail just about everyone in the class! Seriously, it was all good fun!  I think it was just his way of stretching out the party time!
I will shut up now and just let you enjoy some of the photos (double click to enlarge) I took Thursday evening at Kay (Whitson) and Bob Culton's home; where the party will take place.  Come dressed as you see us dressed...casually, 'cause someone just might end up in the pool!  So, relax and have fun!

Oh yes, there are between 15 and 20 of us planning on going to the Harriman vs. Wartburg football game on Friday evening the 23rd.  If you plan on attending, let me know so I can get seating reserved!
Who knew Kay was a two fisted drinker!

Ronnie watching his Prez!

Sorry Bob...this one's for me!

Bob and I suck it in!

Donna, Judy, and Regina hug up Bob Culton to thank him to letting us use his home for planning and for the party!

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FHB said...

The guy in that last shot is a lucky man.