Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Yeah, the cat's out of the bag...Judy and I are "working out"!  We hadn't intended on telling anyone until we had been in the routine for several weeks, but Judy let it slip at our last family gathering, so it's no longer a guarded secret.  You know how people tease you when you announce something and then a few weeks or months later you quit.  Well, that's the reason I didn't want it told just yet, but I'll go with the flow now.

We aren't "working out" in the sense we are trying to bulk up, we're working out to keep these old bones loose and maybe to tone up a little old people flab around our edges!  It's just been 3 or 4 weeks now, but we try and go at least 3 times a week, and already I feel better after going.  This past holiday week they were only open one day and Judy and I sure missed it.  Our bodies could tell we had laid off, this past Tuesday, when we finally got back in the gym it was rough!
The gym belongs to Roane State Community College, here in Roane County, Tennessee, and we love to go.  It's only $40 for a semester, each, and they have just about anything I would want, and some I don't even touch.  Those things are for serious "work outs" and I just know they would hurt an old dude like me!  I'll wait and see if I ever get up enough muscle and courage to hit the larger weights and the more strenuous machines.
The Fitness Center is set up in a "circuit procedure", which they call an Aerobic Super Circuit, that involves warming up on a treadmill for about 5 minutes or more, and then starting the machine circuit.  I understand from Judy that the circuit is much like "Curves", except there are longer sessions on each piece of equipment, and there are many more to use.
After warming up, we hit a machine, and listen for the recorded instruction to "stop, and change stations" announcement.  There's about 35 seconds use of each machine, and from each you move on to a bicycle and peddle it for 35 seconds, and then back to a different machine that works a different muscle group, and then move on alternating down through the length of the gym.

You don't have to stay with the announced can stay as long as you like, but you do have to try and not block someone from moving through their routine.  We just go to a bike and wait until the user clears the machine we want.
We'll never have perfect bodies again...not that we ever did...but just maybe we can get beyond some of the old age creeping into our joints, and tone up enough we won't break if we fall, and then we might be able to get up by ourselves.

We end up each session, which takes about 45 minutes, by cooling off on a treadmill or bicycle.
So, if you live near a community college, check into the availability of their gym.  They usually don't care if you are a student or not, or how old you are.  Take advantage of it can only help you.

BTW...I enrolled in a class this semester too...old people can get a great break on class prices, and that made me very happy.  I sit in there and ask questions with the best of them, and they don't seem to mind that I'm a Silverback!

I'm taking Apple's Final Cut Pro, and hope to be able to edit first class videos for our local TV station (Channel 15) and of performances on the Princess Theatre stage.  I've been to class twice thus far, 6-9 Tuesdays, and was surprised that I learned something each time. 

The class is being taught by Matt Waters, the manager of Channel 15 in Downtown Harriman.  He is teaching an old dog new tricks!


FHB said...

You said somethin' once about how you and Judy were gonna go work out, but I just assumed you meant you were gonna go walk. Good for you. Denise and I used to go out to CTC gym and swim. They have a nice pool. But that's been ages.

Mushy said...

Yes, we need to get back walking too...just as soon as the weather gets nice enough again.