Saturday, September 17, 2011


I took my little momma to see her #2 son this week.  It was just from Wednesday afternoon until Friday noon, but it was a good short time!
Wade and his wife have just completed a part of their planned home update, which thus far has included a new pool and remodeled garage, and even though mom had already seen photos, she was anxious to see what they had accomplished in person.  

We had an uneventful 248 mile ride over to Lincolnton, NC from Harriman, except for a little brake rubbing coming down the mountain west of Asheville.  I didn't think I had been using them that much, but apparently it was enough to build up some heat in them. 
Shine on Tennessee moon!

The stretch from the I-81/I-40 split to Canton just seems like forever.  You cannot doze either going up or coming down that Black Mountain stretch, or you'll end up hitting a "jersey" bumper, drive into a tunnel wall, or run under a tractor-trail rig!  It's extremely stressful driving that road, with several sand ramps that stop runaway 18-wheelers to remind you of the inherent dangers.

Finally into Lincolnton, we pulled up, honked the horn, and promptly shouted, "Mountain folk!" like my dad always did when we used to arrive "down home"!
Wade greeted us outside with big hugs and then took us inside past his babies...three rather huge Rottweilers, who immediately checked us out.  Two of the dogs smelled us over, and after offering the back of our hands to smell, they allowed us to pet them on the head.  A third one, Neo, kept his distance after a brief sniff, and he watched us closely the entire visit.  The other two, Ursa, the oldest at 10 years, and Kong, yes, the name of this 147 lb. baby fits him to a tee, soon forgot about us and paid little attention to us unless they wanted some loving!  He would just waddle to any area he wanted, and spread out!  He often pushed the couch out of the way with his weight!

"Where does a 147 pound dog sleep...anywhere he pleases!"
During the construction of the new kitchen, bathrooms, pool, and garage, a couple of unlucky workers got a little squeeze on the thigh between the huge jaws of Kong and Neo!  Once there was some skin broken, but apparently the workers had surprised them and the dogs quickly reminded them who was boss!
I was already somewhat nervous around Neo, and tried not to show it, however, after hearing these stories I made sure I said his name when moving about, or coming into, the room.  His eyes never left me and I made sure I didn't invade his space.
However, the visit was a good one, with homemade tacos and chili, and several libations, including a Sam Adams Black Lager, which I had never tried, and a little sip of some "good ol' Tennessee mountain dew"!
As Wade says, "This is why we call'em broads!"
Mom, bless her heart, stayed with Wade and Lynn, but was afraid to come out of her room at night.  Luckily there was a bathroom just across the hall, but she didn't dare go to the kitchen during the night for water or a snack!  I don't think the dogs would have hurt her, but she was afraid she would make them bark and wake everyone up!  So, even though she got hungry during the night, she waited until morning, and after hearing Wade up, to venture out of her room.
Me...well, I had stayed there once before, sleeping in the living room with eyes on me every time I moved.  So, I got a room in a nearby motel and enjoyed their complementary country breakfast without those watchful eyes around!
Mostly we just sat in the shade by the "cement pond" (actually fiberglass) and talked.  It was a peaceful time in Wade's quiet neighborhood.  The temperatures were decent, for a change, and they actually dropped down into the 50s and 60s Friday.  This was probably the last week their pool will be open until spring.  Soon, as I reminded Wade, all the leaves in the area will drop into his pool! (I've been there...done that!)

So, we came back Friday...also uneventful.  

The next trip mom and I will take will be to the Williams Reunion in Florence, AL.  She and her sister Nell are the last of the elders in our family.  It will soon be up to us second-cousins to carry on the traditions....but I wonder how long that will last when even we are gone.


Anonymous said...

Just returned home from a visit with my daughter and son-in-law in Boston. Very familar with Samuel Adams. LOL
When we moved back to CA from NC, my husband wished he had taken more 'good ol' mountain dew back with him. I think that is what you were talking about. :)
Sounds like a nice visit had by all.

Mushy said...

Thanks for dropping by Joan...not many folks make the trip anymore!

Shrinky said...

What wonderful pictures, Mushy, really captures the moment - and I am green with envy looking at that inviting pool, ooh, what I wouldn't give to have a dip in there. Other than the public indoor ones, pools are a rarity over here, we don't have the weather for them, I guess.

I think your extended family reunions will continue on for generations yet to come, it's in the blood!