Sunday, August 07, 2011


Judy and I took my little momma to see "Cotton Patch Gospel" today at Roane State.  There was some mighty good singing going on there, and we got to know Jesus Davidson and his gang, and saw him in a whole new light!

Cotton Patch Gospel is a musical by Tom Key and Russell Treyz with music and lyrics written by Harry Chapin just before his death in 1981. Based on the book The Cotton Patch Version of Matthew and John by Clarence Jordan, the story retells the life of Jesus as if in modern day, rural Georgia.

I know the photo isn't the best, but it ain't easy doing existing light when you're trying not to get caught!

The play is often done as a one-man act, but Roane State Community College presented it with four actors  (Amanda Bacon, Brian Bacon, Jessica Humphrey, and Amanda Peavyhouse) and an ensemble of bluegrass players sitting to the right rear of the stage.  Each actor took turns as Jesus "Davidson" and various other characters from the Gospel of Matthew and John.  Jesus was was born in the town of Gainesville, Georgia, and was laid in an apple crate. He was baptized in the Chattahoochee River, he preached to a crowd of thousands on Stone Mountain, and he met his end in Atlanta.  Or so the modern story goes!
It was quite entertaining and my mom really enjoyed it.  I have to admit, after Judd kissed Jesus and Jesus stumbled off the stage pretending to be pushed along, tears came to my eyes.  Before I could recover in the darkness of the audience, off stage sounds of scourging and nails being hammered began.  Judy caught me as I wiped my eyes with my red bandana, and smiled.

Afterwards, we discussed the play and its modern take, over a great meal at the local Cracker Barrel!  

We got a surprise after the meal, Tracy and Katie Bug dropped in with their extended family and we got to hug and kiss in front of people trying to eat!  I didn't particularly was the first time I've seen Katie in a couple of weeks.  She's a pretty as ever and indicated she may come by this coming week to go on a "'venture" with me.  There's this old Confederate cemetery that I'm dying to visit and photograph.  So, I'm hoping she comes along.

I'm looking forward to next something new planned for Judy and me to do.  More on that later.

Also, I've been down in the basement photographing my old fishing lures...quite interesting and colorful.  You'll probably see more of that later too.


FHB said...

That's a great post. You sure did have some lovely company.

And to think, not too long ago you were gonna give up bloggin'. Had nothin' to say. Glad you didn't.

I'll be interested to see the lures. See if I recognize any. They should spark some fun stories.

Mushy said...

Now if I only had some readers!

FHB said...

Me too.