Monday, August 15, 2011


Katie's Granny and I have enjoyed the last two days with her spending two days and one night with us.  It's been a favorite blessing for us for over 19 years now, and we hope our good luck holds!

She is sitting in the same rocker with Judy right now on the screened porch...the chair barely holds them both, but the closer she can get to her Granny the better she likes it.  And, of course, as uncomfortable as Judy is right now, I know she'd have it no other way!

Summer Break is coming to an end and Katie is packing to go back to school Tuesday, but she made one last special supper request from Judy - cornbread, fried squash and okra, and the new food she recently discovered at our table, hominy!  Yep, the girl is pure country.  She loves her some hominy and grits!

Of course, ol' Papaw benefits from her special food requests, and I lap it up almost as fast!

We got off our usual TV routine to watch a marathon of "Final Destination" flicks with her, and I kind of enjoyed my surprise!  It was better than the usual TV diet of "Intervention" episodes that she normally subjects us to.  I may have to go see the 5th release that's in theaters now!

It is so much fun having Kaitlyn here, listening to her go on about her latest boyfriend contacts, and which of her friends is into what and why she thinks it's so!  She analyzes everything and has an opinion on it all!

Anyway, I just wanted to bore you with the latest about my oldest granddaughter.  I can't help it, I love her so much!


FHB said...

Yea, you know the Flick that's in the theaters now is the FIFTH one of those? How the hell did they make five and I'd never heard of any of them? Denise and I watched the first one and bits of the third one the other night. Pretty cool, even if it is typical teenage "Toss something shocking at you with scary music" type stuff. Love it when someone is talking hysterically and a bus comes right out of the blue and flattens them. Now that's art.

And the food looks yummy. What else would the girl like, growin' up around y'all? And how could she not turn out as great as she obviously has. I know you'll miss her, but there's always Skype!

PRH....... said...

If I ate that food, I wouldn't fit on that swing either....Sam enters his final year at The Ohio State next month, and will be a ripe old 30 when he graduates next Spring....I was 29 when I finished up....nothing wrong with that~:)

Mushy said...

I know you're proud Pat. I was 25.

FHB said...

Shit, I think I was just a brand new 28 yr old when I got my masters in December of 88. But then I hadn't gone off to fight a war between high school and college! You guys did more growin' up before goin' to school than I did after. Still just a baby back then.