Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I know, this will sound like I'm bragging, but damn, do I have the most beautiful backyard this time of year, or what!?

Judy and I made our monthly pilgrimage to Walley World today, mostly for toiletries, but ended up buying $300 worth of crap!  Most of the cost was in vitamins, which will probably do us not good at all, but into the cart they went!

'Course we did buy some good tasting stuff, like the hamburger steak and salad we had tonight.  Add to that was some canned green beans my sister-in-law gave us last week.  Man, it sure was tasty, and really made that scotch I had while grilling the steaks taste mighty yummy!  Uh oh, did I say that out loud?!

As I cooked, and imbibed, I noticed how blessed I was to live where we live.  Now you can say I'm bragging, but just look at this scene out across my deck.  Is that not "spring" to the twelfth power!? 

Pay no attention to that little UT highball's just water in case there is a flame up!

Judy was in side cooking up the beans, adding garlic and crushed red pepper to the mix, while I'm outside tending the propane fire!  It was in the seventies, windy, with fresh young green growth everywhere.  What a day!

Judy had dropped off her watch, and my mom's, at the jeweler in town, so we stopped by on the way home from Walley's.  It turned out that they had t-shirts from this Saturday's "Cruisin' in Harriman", so I bought one to wear.  The front has tree great cars on it, two of which I photographed, and the back has a photo of the Princess Theatre, which I took back in '09.  I'm so excited that Jim Thornton honored me by using my photos in his design for this year's shirt!

So, I suppose I'll be walking Roane Street this weekend during the "Cruisin' in Harriman".  I sure wish you could be there with me!  There's nothing like a street party in "small town USA"!


BRUNO said...

I see the water has made it's annual pilgrimage back to the lake again---just like clockwork, eh???

FHB said...

Brag on. It's a wonderful spot. I wish I could come some time to see all those cool cars. have to make it happen some time.

Joan said...

Gorgeous yard! So peaceful. :)
Your post above was very interesting.