Sunday, March 27, 2011


The extended family took the recent occasion of brother-in-law Tony's all too infrequent visits to once again gather and party!  A party it always is and I doubt age will ever dampen our propensity to imbibe (not as much as we used to), laugh our butts off (as much or more than usual), and eat (somewhat less than usual)!

Tony is my wife's only sibling that doesn't live within a 40-mile radius of the other four.  He moved to Atlanta years ago and began a life in the food industry.  He is currently in the hierarchy of a restaurant the serves patrons of an exclusive Atlanta country club.  He has been in this business for around 30 years.

The sisters love their only brother and make every effort to make his visits memorable.  He always calls his meal orders in ahead of time, so the girls frantically make their menu plans, and take turns in offering their homes as the perfect place for the festivities!

This past Saturday was at sister Charlotte and husband Gary's.  It's always a treat to go to their home.  Not only is there a vista of East Tennessee that most only dream of having, and they raise and train Labs.  So, naturally, there is usually always a new puppy with which to cuddle and have lick your face!  
This time it was Lily, about a 2 month old, black as coal, and soft as a bunny, to play with, watch, and hold.  It always stresses Judy and me because we lost our Baylee a couple of years ago.  We miss her so and have a hard time resisting the urge to take home a new family member.  However, we have traveling to do for now...maybe one day.

The sisters, the Dragons to us Knights, always gather in one corner and begin their cackling, while we get the the furthermost corner so we can hear each other talk.  Judy always goes home with her stomach hurting from laughing...not eating.  They certainly entertain each other and are as thick as thieves! 

Us Knights, on the other hand, are a rather quiet bunch, but never fail to toss over a few cutting remarks just to ruffle their feathers and keep them on their toes.  However, there is no getting one up on's just futile!

The menu for this gathering was cube-steak and gravy...white southern style gravy!  There was slaw, rice, and macaroni salad too, with two desserts, IF you had room!

I had my first cigar in several months and it was provided by Gary.  It was a cheaper "Macanudo" wannabee, and was surprisingly good - very mild!  We toasted each other with our beers and enjoyed the special moments we always share.

I can hardly wait until we're "together...again"!

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Kenneth said...

Lily is beautiful. What eyes, and she is obviously used to lots of love.