Wednesday, March 02, 2011


A friend of mine posted a Michael Martin Murphey tune on Facebook last evening and it brought back a rush of memories so special that I choked up and cried silently.  The song is "Wildfire".  A slow sentimental song about the ghost of a little girl and her magical horse Wildfire.  It is a tune I fine rather easy to sing, with lyrics that somehow stay in my head...probably forever.

She comes down from Yellow Mountain
On a dark, flat land she rides
On a pony she named Wildfire
With a whirlwind by her side
On a cold Nebraska night

I used to sit in the dark, rocking my son Corey, singing softly to him as he took his bottle.  It seemed to claim him and his eyes would stare up at me, and it at least appeared that he enjoyed my singing.

Today Corey is an accomplished singer who loves singing in church.  If you ride with him, he always has a stash of Christian music, and one special CD in the slot that has the song he will perform the following Sunday.  I even dig some of the Christian Rock disks he has, but mostly I just love sitting there listening to him practice his song. 

Now, I know my singing to him as a baby didn't shape his voice, 'cause he probably got that from his mother, but maybe I did put him on the road to loving music like he does.  I like to think so anyway.

I know, I have run this into the ground time after time, but I did ask God to use him because I knew how lazy I was and am.  However, I say it again just to thank God for answering my prayer for him.  He is truly a blessing to all that hear his voice.  I'm proud to be known as "Corey's Dad".

Good night son...where ever you are tonight.


FHB said...

I think, more than anything else, by performing with him, singing and playing around at home, you gave him the confidence growing up to perform in front of others. You can see that in those AC/DC vids. I could never have done that in front of my family. My sister would have laughed and embarrassed me. So now I sing in the car, where no one can laugh at me. I think you taught Cory to love it, have fun and ignore the rest. That's pretty cool.

Kenneth said...

Great song, and how it sounds is what he acts like in public. I don't know him, but northern New Mexico was sparsely populated only a few years ago and everyone was eventually in the same restaurant or store as everyone else, especially in Taos.
Thanks for editing that photo of my mom. I didn't post it because I don't know you and it would have felt like stealing, but I printed a copy of it (and FHB's) for my older sister's birthday.

Mushy said...

Post it's your mom and photo! I appreciate the opportunity to work on it. I'm sure someone with more expertise could do a better job, but she looked great to me!

Mushy said...

Thanks Jeff for the nice comments.

Shrinky said...

Aw Mushy, you have much to be proud of. The apple never falls far from the tree, he's a fine credit to you (handsome, too)!

That song gave me goosebumps.

FHB said...

Dude thanks VERY much. I was subbin' down in Florence today, sittin' in a room with another teacher and about seven hoodlums, school jail, watchin' Avatar on my laptop, and out of thin air I started humming that friggin' tune. Wildfire. Couldn't get it out of my head. Sheesh!

Mushy said...'s all good!