Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Back about a month or so ago, I ordered a metal carport from R & B Metals.  The process involves calling a local guy on the phone and giving him your measurements...for the building, not your pant size!  He never comes to the see the location, and takes it for granted that you know what you're talking about and how to use a tape measure.  I tell him what I was thinking about getting...size that is...and he says, "Well, that's real close to the standard size...22X18!"

I say, "That's cool...I'll take that in match the metal roof on my house."
I have always wanted to put my truck under a cover ever since we moved here in '94, but just didn't want to spend the extra cash or take the time.  Besides, Katie Bug used to play a lot of hoops out there and I knew she'd fuss at me for taking up her court.

Well, the time was right this year and she is off at school most of the time.  I think I can turn the goal a little and still make it functional...but we'll wait on her to test it out.

Anyway, the plan was for them to show up today, between 1 and 4, and they made the deadline at 3:30 and have it up about 2 hours later...just ahead of sundown!  

Unfortunately for Ron (the lead guy) and his sidekick, he couldn't get the truck and long trailer down my steep drive, so they had to carry everything down the hill and set up shop in front of the garage.

After providing them power, they were off, and man they had everything down to a science! 

Everything is cut to order and the metal screws they use are a wonder of American ingenuity.  They drill the pilot hole and then sink and seal themselves in one quick move of an electric drill!  Fascinating to watch them drill right into the steel, punch through and then lock tight!

Anyway, Ron (the lead - shown in the photo at right) was telling me how he lived with three guys he worked with, and how they woke up to a house fire this morning!  They were saved when a .38 special stored in the kitchen discharged a round from the heat and woke them all up!  Otherwise, they would have been toast.  Ron got out in his underwear and nothing else!  He did run back in and put on his pants as the bedroom wall was fully involved!  That's it...everything else, including his truck keys burned up.

Ron is from Michigan, where his wife and kids live, and he can't get a key made for his truck until Michigan sends him a new driver's license!

I asked if I could give him some clothes, but he said the neighborhood was over at the house shortly after the fire giving them loads of clothes, and his wife is wiring him money.  He said he was good.

He said, "You know, people in Michigan, frankly, just aren't like that."

I told him that the South takes care of their own, and anyone visiting, and that he should move his family down here and join us.  He said, "The wife and I talked about that very thing!"

The carport got here and brought with it a very touching story of Southern Hospitality!


FHB said...

Cool. Great story too.

BRUNO said...

Jeez, those "Tap-n'-Seal" self-threaders have been around for years---and they last, too!

May vary in length, but I was using 1"-lengths-by-1/8"-dia. thread, with a 1/4"-neoprene seal, an' a 5/16"-nut-driver head more than 20-years ago, to tie my steel-roof to the equally-hard seasoned oak rafters. Sound like the same-thing?

And, PLEASE tell me they tied it down with concrete-anchors, too?

I'd kill for a shelter like that, but I'd go ahead and enclose the sides, too.

But then again, I wouldn't be above LIVING in-same, afterwards, either.....!☺

Mushy said...

Well, they were new to me and neat as hell!

They drove 8 re-bar rods into the ground about 2 to 2.5' long. They also braced it well inside. It's pretty sturdy, and should do what I bought it for...protect my truck from direct sunlight and hail.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, sorry 'bout that---was kinda "presumptive" of me about the fasteners, there! I tend to get carried-away when it comes to stuff that "moves"!

Bracing sounds OK, not sure how much wind-exposure you have there? A fella up the road from me put-up a shelter about the same size/design of yours, except his has sides. He had to anchor it a lot-differently, though. I'll pass it on to you in an e-mail, later.

Gawd, I wish I had your house "up-here"---I love the way they're laid-out!

An' I'll bet it's even got that new-fangled IN-door plumbing, too!

Just kiddin', on MY-part! But, I'll bet your bathroom(s) are big-enough for me to count-'em as "reception-areas-with-toilets", instead of "just another bathroom".....!☺