Thursday, February 10, 2011


Judy and I are donating an old dresser, and a couple of end tables, to the local community college theater group, so I spent the day going through the drawers, and trying to find other places for the junk stored in them.  I threw a lot of things away, but down near the bottom of a couple of dusty drawers were a few snap shots that I had completely forgotten about.

Here are a few of the most special ones I came across...

Ranking them, I'd have to say me feeding Katie Bug is number 1!  What a special moment that lucky Papaw's get to share with their grand-kids.  Look at those trusting little in the world can some people mistreat children...especially little babies?  

This sure makes me miss her today, but she's off at college, preparing for her own life and future family.  We'll never share such a close moment again, so that's what makes this photo of that moment in '92 so special.

Then there were two I found of my dog candidate for "best dog ever"!  

She was very protective of her human family and even looked the part of a vicious guard dog!  However, to us, she was very loving.  I miss her terribly.  I think these two shots from '92 were the best I ever captured of her.  Note the "half-white" left eye...part of what made her so fearsome looking to strangers!

I couldn't help but laugh when I cam across "the nose picker" shot of Mickey Jones and me!  This was from a 1984 gathering to plan our 20th class reunion.  The Class of '64 has always been close and this just proves it.  Here we are clowning just like be did in class some twenty years earlier!

There are going to be some other dusty drawers in our house that will become overly stuffed from cleaning out this old dresser, but some things are just too special to throw away!


FHB said...

Awesome. Mom recently gave me a box of old pictures, but i haven't had a chance to scan them yet.

Mushy said...

Just noticed I have a pack of Merits menthol in my shirt pocket...I quit the very next year!

BRUNO said...

HA! Damned if "Lacy" doesn't look just like one my "three-mile-neighbor" used to have, as well---except his was a male-version!

He, too, was protective as hell of his "humans"-truck when he'd park it. And, he couldn't be "bribed"-away from it with a treat, either---well, unless you were an established-"friend", and then he was nothin' short of a "soapstick"! He's another of our GOOD-four-footed neighbors that me and Rhonda really-miss.

And, yeah, Katie IS cute as a "bug", hain't she?☺!

I've got an old dresser that's ?probably?-packed with some of my underwear and, umm---"miscellaneous" from The Dark Ages, as well. Maybe I'll dig into them---literally!---some time now, since you've given me an "incentive".

Bound to be some-sort of carnage in there, since it's not been moved since the day I brought it in the house at least 23-years ago now...☺!

Scott from Oregon said...

I just want to know "WHERE'D YA PUT THE BOOGER?"