Sunday, January 09, 2011


My blog has become more of a documentary of family gatherings rather than a recollection of my thoughts and past events.  However, these will become "past events" that I'll look back on one day as just important as the older memories.  What is life but a collection of such things as these?

Part of the family met at the Gondolier Italian Restaurant* last evening...just to be with each other.  Of course, having been cooped up in the house for several weeks, either because of the snow and cold weather, or having been sick was the driving factor.  We just had to get out and over our "cabin fever"!

Had these family members not been willing, we would have probably picked up some homeless folks along the way.  Man, it felt good to be outside! 

*BTW, the food at the Gondolier is always good.  I just wish they had colder brew!


FHB said...

A natural evolution of things. In time, everything becomes history.

Mushy said...

I regret not documenting more things in my past and for taking too many thing and scene photos. Those mean nothing to you in the's the people that count.

BRUNO said...

When you an' that Fat, Hairy Baboon up-there get done sobbin' in your beers, an' waxing-poetic an' all---you can hand me another hunk of that pizza you're lettin' get cold...!☺

Mushy said...

It did get cold, but I heated it for breakfast the next morning with scrambled eggs! Don't forget to put jalapenos on it either...makes the coffee so much better!

Misty Dawn said...

You are right! The present memories are just as important as the others! Since I now live 750 miles away from my family and friends, I can truly appreciate how important it is that you get together with your family any chance you get!
P.S. That pizza is making me HUNGRY! Pass me a slice, would ya?