Sunday, December 05, 2010


The Dragons decided to gather Saturday afternoon and decorate sister Neena's Christmas Tree.  It's her and Ron's house we use for our Christmas Eve party, so it was only fair all the sister's help her decorate.  Judy made a flower arrangement and everyone else help disperse the traditional ornaments around the house.
Meanwhile, us Knights floated off to Lowe's and Harrison's Sporting Goods to lust after all the guns and other manly tools!  It was good to see my old (actually only 42) deer hunting buddy Bo.  What great times we used to have!

We made our way back to Los Primos in Harriman for a tall frosty mug of Dos Equis!  We then made our way back to Ron and Neena's.

Ron had bought us all our favorite cut of meat earlier in the week and he soon had everything on his grill smoking!  The steaks were all great and cooked to perfection.

With the beef, we enjoyed a tossed garden salad, and a potato casserole.  Charlotte brought a cherry cobbler and soaked in vanilla ice cream it was "heaven", as Need is accustomed to describing food! 

Naturally, while the girls finished their Christmas chores and meat slowly cooked, we all enjoyed our favorite libations.  Steve, Gary, Noel, and I settled in on a bottle of Buffalo Trace, 90 proof, while Ron stuck with his pale ales.  The Buffalo Trace was a great drink, just chilled over ice, and went down smoothly.  I'll have to repay Steve Christmas Eve with a surprise bottle of something expensive and special!
With the tree trimmed and blinking, we all settled into "quiet mode" and filled our growling stomachs, enjoying the peace that family brings.

Within the next couple of weeks both Steve and Noel will be undergoing surgery.  I've added them both to my prayer list, so I'm sure everything will be fine. 

I too will be undergoing a simple outpatient procedure this week to have my esophagus dilated once more.  This should be the last time I ever have to have this particular procedure performed.  The spasms are back and the internal gas is almost unbearable at times!  Stand clear!

Today, the Dragons took Ron's granddaughter to see the Nutcracker, so the holiday has begun in earnest!  

Merry Christmas folks, you may not hear from me again until after Christmas


BRUNO said...

Enjoying the PEACE, that FAMILY brings???

He obviously ain't in what's left of MY-family!

Me an' big-Sis used to go to reunions for the FIGHTS, instead of fraternization!

If ya' didn't mind payin' for the gas to drive there, it was the best-damned FREE-show East of the Mississippi, and North of the Ohio...!!!

FHB said...

Looks like a wonderful time. Nice food and nice folks.

Hope the upcoming procedures aren't too much of a big deal, though I guess if they have to cut on 'em, it must be. I sure wish you could stay the hell away from the doctors, but i bet you wish it more than me. I'll me thinkin' about all of ya.

BRUNO said...

Hell, you think about HIM, not ME! I like gettin' sick: Gives me a chance to get "felt-up" by young, cute FEMALE-nurses!!!☺

Well, at least 'til my luck runs-out, an' they send-in "Aunt Jemima", or "Mr. T", instead!(shudder!!!)

I start gettin' better REAL-fast, then...!!!☺