Friday, December 03, 2010


Several of you have asked for an update on my health, so, since my buddy Gary Baker took a couple of candids of me last evening I thought I'd share them with you.  

You can see I'm alive and kicking, although weighing in a bit less than before the surgery.  I shed at least 30 pounds, possibly a few more, and wearing some old pants I had stuck back in the closet.  Feels pretty good too, but I am suffering some pain at the bottom end of my incision today.  It may have been from standing up last night for the Christmas Parade in Harriman.

Our new city TV station, Channel 15 locally, put on its first production - a live presentation of the annual parade.  It was quite a historic event for us and one we've waited on for years.  The station is owned by the City of Harriman and Roane State Community College and will be a facility for local college and high school students to gain "hands on" experience along with their classroom instruction.

The station will also televise local events and live performances originating on the new stage of our Princess Theater once it is renovated and operating.  This new stage will give our community college two stages for their performing arts department to utilize, and the entire area will be able to benefit from the entertainment.

The production was done with backup equipment, which is not of the quality of the actual equipment to be installed at the station.  Nonetheless, the picture and sound was above and beyond what we have been used to seeing on other local stations.  Everything necessary was right there on that cart!  Everyone was so proud - and relieved!

Anyway, I shot photos at the event last night for about two and half hours, and I think that's why I'm hurting today.  Other than that however, I'm doing well.

I appreciate the concern and apologize for being lacks in posting...just too much going on and not enough about me happening to post - I suppose.  I mean, our blogs are all about US...right!?


Scott from Oregon said...


BRUNO said...

Man, they don't make fire-trucks like they used to!

Which is probably a GOOD-thang, remembering some of the STOOPID-stunts we---OK, I!---would pull in the now-obsolete stuff...!!!☺

FHB said...

Sounds cool. I bet the local HS and CC kids will love their classes even more now.

Glad to see you out and about.