Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Wade, my only sibling, is, what my dad called, my twin, even though there is a year's difference in our ages.  Dad called us twins because we were born 10 years apart.  I was so proud of his arrival that I combed the neighborhood knocking on all the doors and announcing, "I have a baby brother!"

Nearly as soon as he began to talk he called me "Bubby" and I remain that to this day.  We don't see each other but half a dozen times a year, but we pick back up where our conversation ended and we resume our close relationship.

He has always been a lover of my era music, with a little Fog Hat thrown in from his.  We both share a love of Pink Floyd and good blues.  We have spent hours sitting quieting listen to music, not saying a word unless it related to the tune playing, and playing air-guitar and drums!  We are, like my son Corey, uninhibited about our love for music and we show it proudly by being able to know when all the best licks come in and strum them expertly in the thin air!

He's in this week, with a little extra time off from his aircraft mechanic job with Continental  Airlines in Charlotte, NC.

We spent mid-morning firing his new AR-15 (M-16 to me) and Smith .40, and I put the virgin rounds through my Ruger LCP .380.  The "16" was as sweet as I remember them from 'Nam and the .40 cal. almost jumped out of my hands!

I wasn't too impressed with the LCP...trigger pull is long and slow and you almost have to push the trigger back in place after the firing.  However, it sits nicely in my back pocket and remain my primary carry.  I still wouldn't want to be in front of it, but I sure wouldn't want to get into a "fire fight" with one!

The rifle was somewhat off and it took several rounds to finally see that we need to shoot high.  Neither of us was exactly sure how to raise the sight, so he has some research to do.  He did finally get it hitting the center of the target by aiming at the top of the black instead of the middle 10-ring.

I was all around a 4X4 inch block of Styrofoam, but failed to notch it!  However, had it been a "bugger" he would have felt the sting of lead and copper!

Afterward, we drove up to Lincoln's in Oak Ridge, and had a snack and a couple of rounds!  Best part of the day!

On the way back to mom's (where Wade stays when he's in) he had an urgent call so we visited a lonely part of an industrial park.  He laughing in this photo because he wrote his initial on the stump!

It reminded me of the old joke where the girls father is telling the boy's father that his son pees his name in the snow outside his house every night.  The boy's father says "boys will be boys", but the girl's father says, "Yeah, but it's in my daughter's hand writing!"

So, back at mom's, no one knowing the difference, he's on his hands and knees riding his granddaughters around mom's living room.  Don't ask...don't tell!

Tomorrow, unless the ice storm that is slicing things outside as I write, is our final day, so who knows what we'll get into then.  I'll take pictures if something happens!


FHB said...

That's a great post. Family is an awesome thing to be able to celebrate, so long as you all get along (Bruno will no doubt have somethin' to say on that).

Your brothers gun is an M-4 carbine type AR-15, like the guns they issue to the mobile troops here on Ft. Hood. They've become very popular with consumers since the Iraq war, people seeing so many of the troops carryin' the things.

The notch in the barrel is for attaching a grenade launcher. There's a million different rariations on that gun, but it looks to me like your bro has himself a nice one.

I was gravitating towards one of those toys when this current unpleasantness descended on me. I like this one

But there's a part of me that would rather go with the old school, Vietnam era Colt Commando

My buddy Waters just got himself a carbine, and the last time we shot (the day that had my surprise Bday party), it shot really nice. So I'm envious.

One of these days.

BRUNO said...

(FHB: Yeah, but if I said it, he wouldn't wanna PRINT-it!☺)

All-around that foam-block, was ya', Mushy???

Now you know why I favor a SHOTGUN, in a "tight-spot"---#1, I ain't steady-'nuff anymore, and #2, I can't see to line-up the sights anymore!☺

Now, the pistol DOES make a nice back-up: It gives me seven-shots, and by then, you're within THROWING-range of the thing...!☺

Mushy said...

Hard to hide a shotgun under you t-shirt Bruno...but given a choice I'd rather had the shotgun too!

BRUNO said...

Ah-ah-ah-h-h: Not if you bought yourself "Da Judge", an' loaded it with a .410-shell!

OK, well, you MAY need to start wearin' LONG-tailed "T"'s afterwards, but still...???☺!

Another choice? How's about a .40-cal. over/under Derringer, loaded with "snake-shot"?

Ha-HA-A-A!!! "Improvise, adapt, overcome...!!!"

BRUNO said...

As an afterthought: Dunno if you can find one in .40---but I DO know they can be had in .38/.357's.

I just MAY hafta check-out my OWN suggestion, here. ???Hmm-m-m-m???