Thursday, August 19, 2010


The thing I like about living outside of Knoxville, about 35 miles, is that we avoid the "big city" traffic and other similar congestions. We, however, live close enough to drive there in about 40 minutes to eat at fine restaurants, shop at larger department stores, and enjoy the occasional "night on the town"!

Last evening six of us, 3 dragons and 3 knights, had a nice grilled burger with locally brewed micro-beer at the Downtown Grille and Bar on Gay Street in Downtown Knoxville, TN.  It just so happened that the six of us were the six retirees of the bunch.  I've included Charlotte and Gary, even though they still work at training Labs, and failed to include Linda and Noel because they work part-time.

Terri and Steve still work, but we can't get Steve to attend concerts in Knoxville during anytime but Friday or Saturdays nights.  It's a "work night" for him Monday through Thursday, and Sunday's are reserved for preparing to return to work Monday morning.  To quote him, "It's a rule!"

Even though, Ron and I have proven many a concert, that you can attend the concert and be home by 11:30!  That wasn't too late for us, even when we worked!

So, last night was no exception.  We ate and drank, walked down the street to see Sheryl Crow, accompanied by Doyle Bramhall II on lead guitar, at the beautiful Tennessee Theater, and...were home by 11:30!  It would have been 11, but someone had the bright idea to stop for a McDonald's chocolate dipped ice cream cone!  Neena!

See 'Teve!

Sheryl seemed very pleased with the current concert tour, telling us this first week of the tour had been the best week of the tour thus far!

She was looking "mighty fine", in her black leather pants and 6" heels!  Her voice was in great shape and the added brass section made the music sound great!

To be honest though, Ron and I spent most of our time watching the left-handed licks Doyle was making.  Yeah, I know, we're old, but we are "music commonsewers"!  

Ron and I have been admirers of Bramhall since we first saw him play with Roger Waters on the "In The Flesh" DVD.  The dude is a slide-blues guitarist from Texas!  We couldn't figure out how he got together with Roger Waters!  Waters is a perfectionists, so Bramhall had to be flawless in order to play with him, especially on the old "Pink Floyd" tunes.

The only kink in the concert was that Doyle didn't get to play more slide!

The show as "sold out", an indication of the following Sheryl has.  However, besides Doyle, the Tennessee Theater is a terrific venue, with over a thousand seats, bars on three levels, and restrooms just outside the auditorium doors.  

I guess what I'm saying is, I love a night on the town like last night was!  It rocks my world!

I can't wait for our hometown Princess to also be a good drawing venue to at least mid-level groups.  I will be able to get my world rocked for many years yet to come.


FHB said...

Tell Steve I said he's a pussy. Glenn and I drove to friggin' DALLAS last night and I didn't get home till 1:30AM. If you loves the music, ya gotta do it.

Now, having said that, I didn't have to be at work till 11:30, but Glenn had to be here in Killeen at 8AM.

FHB said...

And, living as close as we do to Austin has the same advantages. I'd really miss it if I moved away.

BRUNO said...

Sheryl didn't do too-badly, for a gal from Kennett, MO, did she, now???