Friday, July 23, 2010


For the fourth consecutive year, Jeff (a.k.a. Fathairybastard) has come to Harriman to visit me for three or four days during his summer school break. We met through our blogs back in 2006, became interested in each other’s stories, and developed a common ground for friendship. He is like a brother to me. His first visit from his home in Texas was back in ‘07.

Jeff and Denise rolled into town late last Monday afternoon, and, according to tradition, we drove to Oak Ridge to eat at Big Ed’s Pizza. The pizza was amazingly good, and, since they have added Fat Tire to their draft selection, we were in “hog heaven”!

Unfortunately, due to the heat and humidity, we broke tradition and stayed off the screened-porch this trip. It’s just been too blasted hot to sit outside. Oh, we sucked down a few brews, but we didn’t smoke one stogy together! Now that’s a shame!

However, we did have a good time just sitting around in the cool, talking, and listening and sharing to a few tunes we had stored on our PCs. As a matter of fact, one night I decided to show Jeff how I listened to my tunes back in the late 80’s. I took the fronts off my giant 100-watt speakers, complete with white woofers, and prepared to blow him away. I flipped the power button and the Kenwood fired up. It fired up so well that smoke rose from the amp!

Damn! I suppose it has been at least 10 years since I had the thing on! I’m sure dust shorted some circuit, it fried, and the smoke bellowed! The last time I had it on I blew the white rubber around one of the woofers! It’s just like me...falling apart! It’s always something!

Anyway, if anyone has a spare Kenwood KM-205 amp, I’ll buy it if the price is right! Frankly, I’m not sure I want to put anymore money into the component set. I’ll probably try to sell the individual pieces on eBay...or something.

I took Jeff and Denise to the Atomic Museum in Oak Ridge Tuesday, and, being a history prof and buff, he seemed to get a big kick out of all the Secret City stuff. We picked up Judy later, who had two doctor’s appointments that day, and went to Abuelo’s to eat. (See included photo of some of the great eats we had while Jeff was here! Click to enlarge the shots!)

On Wednesday, we headed off to Sevierville, TN to let Denise shop the Tanger Outlets. Man if was hot and they walked my butt off! ‘Course I needed it!

I even bought an Izod shirt there for 70% off! It really is a sharp shirt and I will look good in it!

One the way back from Sevierville it rained like it was pouring out of a boot! Jeff captured all the fun and posted a video on Flickr. What a butt hole!

Back in Harriman we picked up Judy and went to the local Gondolier for supper. The food and Fat Tire was good there too! (See included photo of some of the great eats we had while Jeff was here! Click to enlarge the shots!)

On Thursday Jeff wanted to ride up to Buzzard’s Bluff. If you remember that’s the place I cracked four ribs a year ago! It sits high above the Harriman valley and gives goers a wide panoramic view to this part of East Tennessee. The road is not maintained, so Jeff and Denise can truthfully say they went 4-wheeling in Tennessee! It began to rain on the decent and my truck was like a cocoon of protection from the elements and overgrowth along broken asphalt and water filled potholes and muddy ponds.

Jeff ventured out on the edge several times and Denise fussed at him for scaring her. I have to admit, I held my breath a little...after all, I know what it's like to fall up there!

We then made our way across Roane County to Terri and Steve’s place. The plan was to shoot a little, drink a few beers and smoke a cigar or two, then eat some chili, however, it rained and the forest surrounding Steve’s house was hanging wet with water and humidity. We voted on whither to move straight to “Miller time” or take a nap! I lost out on the nap, which I had been missing, so it was beer-thirty!

Jeff and Denise seemed to enjoy seeing the Dragons again, but we cut our visit short and headed to my place. Jeff and I played some tunes and then joined the ladies in the living room. We called it an early night.
Friday morning I met them at the Cracker Barrel and we sadly said our goodbyes. Their plan was to head to Denise’s family in Kentucky.

I suppose the time will pass slowly, but I am already looking forward to next year’s visit. I just hope the weather is nicer next time...maybe they can come back one spring or fall and really see the beautiful of East Tennessee without all the tropical heat! The older I get, the more I hate summer!

We always seem to enjoy each others company, even if it's just sitting quietly and listening to our bluesy
music! And, of course, we always act up in public!

For more on this visit, go to, and I’m sure he has a completely different tale to tell, and I’m sure to be the butt of his jokes!


FHB said...

Damn, you always beat me to the punch. Why the hell should I post something now? Kidding. I loved reading about it all again. Yea, it sucks we didn't get any porch time. I'll have to come back when the weather is more civilized. We had a blast though. You always show us a great time... or is it that when the two of us get together, we're bound to find some fun, no matter what? Love ya brother.

I always look forward to seeing you guys and always feel sad to leave. You're all like family to me now. It's better than a reunion with my own kin folks. Wish I could stay forever, but life goes on. But I'll be back. You can't shake me now. Cheers!

Mushy said...

Back at ya!

You are family...come back soon...ya hear!

BRUNO said...

Well, he's obviously safer around ATOMIC ENERGY museums, than he is around the MILITARY-GHOSTS'-ones!☺

OK, I'll "let it rest" now!(For MY sake!)

And it is/was a bitch, to try to play "catch-up" for a whole-year, in the space of a few-hours, especially since my "speech-hole" don't work so well, after the first-hour. The THINKIN'-part is there, but the "coax" to the speaker gets shorted---lol!

Maybe NEXT-time, I'll get him into my "lower-forty", an' make him THINK he's lost, anyway...!

Shrinky said...

I just LOVE that I knew ya' both in blogland long before you all met up!! I see you two have been, smoking, eating, and disgracefully hoping to shoot up the countryside, single-handedly, again. Sorry the weather intervened, but there will always be next year, and the one after that, eh? (Grin)

FHB said...

Bruno, all the swelling has gone down now. We'll leave it to everyone's imagination what "swelling" I'm referring to.

And also, I'm struck by how much better I look with my back to the camera. Enough said. I'll slink away now.

Mushy said...

It appears I only have 4 or 5 friends left now...but the work began to as a self-pleasing project anyway. So be it!

Ranger Tom said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!

How's that indoor range coming along?

*Goddess* said...

He returns like the swallows to Capistrano!

Damn that pizza looks good....

Anonymous said...

Yes, the humidity can get the best of you. still had a great time. Love the pics.

Mushy said...

Can't find the iron Tom...still looking.


Debbie said...

Oh that FOOD looks so very yummy.

Are you a HAM (Amateur) radio operator? You mentioned the Kenwood. The Grouch and I have been HAMS for years. He's teaching a new class that just started this week. Always trying to teach the hobby to new folks.

Right Truth


N4OYMN (me)

KA4P (hubby a/k/a Grouch)

Debbie said...

Oops, I messed up my callsign. It is N4OYM

Mushy said...

No...that's my component stereo system. However, my CB handle is Silent Runner! Of course, I don't still have the CB!