Sunday, February 14, 2010


First let me get the food out of the way! I had some good stuff over the past week, including "Fried Pickles" at Hooters. However, their wings leave a little to be desired, and what I desired while eating them was some "Wild Wings"! Next time, if there is a next time, I'll order plain wings with the sauce on the side. I'm not sure how I got back to Hooters, but someone wanted to go and I obliged.

So years back I banned myself from Hooters over an incident that still rubs me raw. I mean, I may be old, but I got money too!

We sit down in Hooters, the Knights and I, any finally a young girl (notice there was no "lady" included in the description), with midriff bulges all around, comes over to a table of the 4 or 5 of us and takes a our drink order. We would probably have eaten there had this gal put just a little effort into fulfilling our needs. A smile would have gained her an extra five bucks!

See turns and walks to the bar and turns in our drink order and then returns to the table of young'uns we had previously broken her away from, and picked back up on the conversation she was having with them. I noticed that the beers are opened and placed on the bar, but she pays no attention. We sit and wait, thinking about how warm our beers are becoming and then watch her laughing and having a ball.

Finally, after about 15 minutes, Ron gets up and goes to the bar and picks up the beers and brings them to the table. No one seemed to care or notice, so we drank them down. The cool beers do nothing to cool the fire burning inside us. The incident only proved that the waitress knew nothing about old men and their generous tips! Had she played us, she would have been rewarded generously, but the longer we sat there and waited for a return visit the more we fumed while staring holes in the back of her head.
It may not have been so bad had the routine not repeated itself a second time.

She finally returns, not even noticing or remembering that she hadn't brought the beers to the table. "Would you guys like to order?"

"No," I said, "just give us a check for the beers."

"You guys gonna leave me?"

"Yes, we're going somewhere with better service," I said calmly.

" mean I haven't given you good service?"

I couldn't hold it in any longer. "Hell no, you've been over there stuck up those young dude's butts since we arrived!"

"I brought your beer..."

"Bullshit, we went and got them ourselves! Now give me a check," I said firmly without taking me eyes off her's.

A manager was sent to the table and he started to jump us for being rude when I broke in and explained how things went down. He backed off...I threw money on the table, minus a tip, and we left. Had she just given us some courtesy she would probably have made fifteen to twenty bucks from us.

This last week was the first time I had been back in 3 or 4 years, and little had changed except we did receive better service, and they had added Fat Tire and fried pickles to the menu! I still don't like the wings sauce!


*Goddess* said...

You're the only one I know who goes to Hooters and posts pictures of the FOOD:)

Mushy said...

The girls are usually fat and stuffed into those little outfits. I go for the beer...the girls are too young for me anyway!

BRUNO said...

And you chastise ME, for not goin' out to eat! LOL!

I don't even get out to a Sonic anymore, since they started hirin' young DUDES on foot as car-hops, instead of GALS on skates...!

PRH....... said...

Damn, must be one of those 'bad Hooter' places....try the one in Daytona Beach if you get down that way....can be beat for women(not all teems either), service, and food.

Think I'll take the wife down that way for fried pickles and beer on Valentines Day{look for Obit to follow visit}

Shrinky said...

I quit going to a place we really used to enjoy a couple of years back, and I really do still miss it even now - but some things you can't forgive. This "thing" involved the waiter picking my son off alone (as he went to the toilet) to bully and humiliate him. When I went to the manager, he threw his hands up and shrugged with hardly so much as an apology. Some places are not fit to serve. You were right to leave.

Mushy said...

That's terrible Carol...I would have had to turn a few tables over!

Suldog said...

Service like that - or lack of it - just fries my butt. What in hell was she thinking?

Debbie said...

Hubby and all his HAM radio buddies go to Dayton Ohio every year for the hamfest and one night is dedicated to Hooters. They get all the attention they want, pictures with the girls, etc. The girls know that there will be BIG tips on the table when the evening is over.

They are all old, probably nothing a Hooters girl would give a second glance at on the street, but that is their job, to keep the customers happy.

It's good clean fun, lifts the spirits of the guys and ads some cash to the girls college funds.

I've never been to a hooters and don't care to go, but I love fried pickles.

Right Truth

Mushy said...

I have a new respect for Hooters since the airing of "Undercover Boss" which aired last week. They know the perception of Hooters by many people, especially women, but are working to show the Hooter girl in a new light. The will begin ads that show how Hooters contribute to the communities across the nation. I hope it see a lot of kids there these days with their parents, but if the shorts were just a little fuller and the tops a little less suggestive, maybe more parents would take kids there. Who knows, maybe the plump gals might fit in them better too!