Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well, it's the 4th anniversary of my blogging career!

Many of you have been with me the entire way, and so 69,000 hits later I find myself still in the game.

Mostly I'm on my own today, since viewership has fallen off, but that's my fault. I seldom write like I used to. It's mostly about current events and family today, not of much interest to many, but it's really my purpose, so I'll continue whether I get readers or not. This is a family pilgrimage and record and thus it's serving its purpose!

, there is a new post coming in a couple of days that is worthy of being included in "The Laugh and Times of Mushy". I hope you enjoy the post. The true story is very important to me and I still hurt over the loss of my friend Steve.


FHB said...

I've been lovin' it for most of that time, even after you stopped short on the bio. But I knew why and respected the decision. So I'll look forward to the now and again memory posts. Makes them that much more special.

Mushy said...

I just can't give away all my exploits and secrets! Maybe you can fill in the blanks when I'm gone!

Suldog said...

Big-time congratulations, Mushy! Four years is a long time to keep posting. I'm in my fifth and I know how hard it is to keep up decent work. You've done so, and it's a good job!

FHB said...

Oh shit no. I'd be afraid to. Might get it wrong. But I feel richer for knowing some stuff, and for the time we've spent. That's fer sure. Richer.

*Goddess* said...

Happy Blogversary! I just checked online and the modern fourth anniversary gift has a theme of "electrical appliances". It better be the RIGHT (wink wink) electrical appliance or they'll never reach the fifth anniversary..