Thursday, February 04, 2010


The better question is, "Did you get out and play in the snow?"This was our first "real" snow is several years, still not like it used to be, but it was measurable snow of from 4 to 6 inches.The Dragons (them) and Knights took the opportunity to do a little hiking and photo shooting at the nearby Frozen Head State Park, near Wartburg, Tennessee. I always get a few comments about the town's name when I post it, but it really is a nice community about 8 to 10 miles from my house.

Tennessee's Frozen Head State Park is a lovely wilderness pocket nestled between two mountains, and just past the Morgan County Correctional Complex on Flat Fork Road.

We just wanted a short distance walk, since we all getting hungry, so we took the Interpretive Loop, which is around .4 miles long. However, the loop
offers many wildflowers (in season), a roaring creek, water falls, bridges, old foundations from the CCC era, and wildlife, such as the 4 deer we saw quietly watching us from across the creek.

Everyone got some great shots and enjoyed the walk in the winter wonderland, especially being with family and being ourselves! Of course, being ourselves usually means there will be no wildlife within a mile of us!

However, I think the meal at Ruby's later was the highlight of the Sunday afternoon. Once someone mentioned Fat Tire, every action then become a means to an end! The Lobster Carbonara was very tasty too!

There are more shots on my Flickr page!


BRUNO said...

Y'know, paybacks can be hell! You were shakin' the snow outta those branches on her in pic# 4, weren't you?

One of these days, you'll be presented with the old-fashioned "ice-ball-in-a-frozen-hand-down-the- shirt-collar"-routine!

Too old to "grow-up" anymore now, ain't we?

FHB said...

Good times.

Suldog said...

While the rest of the East Coast was being hit, hard, by storms, we here in Massachusetts hardly had anything at all. Change of pace!

Scott from Oregon said...

I been out skiing!!

*Goddess* said...

Wow, that second picture is gorgeous.