Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Katie spent the night with us Monday night, but she did have a date. As she prepared, her Granny sat in the bathroom on the pot (wearing her "Simply the Best Grandma" t-shirt) watching and talking to her. It's always the same thing, boys and college! She has a new boy friend now, but she still discusses the old one with her Granny.

I told her that I was planning to meet Corey Tuesday morning for a little shopping and then a Wild Wings lunch. Her ears perked up and her eyes got big as saucers when I said "Wild Wings", so yes, she was down for it!

Katie got up when I did and went home to get ready and to leave her mom her car. After eating a quick breakfast bar, I dropped by my doctor's office and got my H1N1. Judy told me her shot hurt like the devil, so I was expecting the worst...nothing! It was as if the nurse hadn't stuck me at all!

I picked Katie up and we were off to Knoxville. We met Corey at Gander Mountain and shopped around there a while, about long enough for them to find the barrel of "pop guns" and begin firing at me!

We then made a trip further east so Corey could pick up a Christmas gift for his wife, and then headed back toward Wild Wings. However, it was still early, so we decided to peruse Best Buy for a few minutes.

Well, it turned into about an hour visit, especially after Katie and Corey decided to outdo each other on Guitar Hero! Turns out Katie was much more experienced and racked up the most points.

Katie then discovered the Mac computers and started messing with the video/still camera application. She managed to freeze these three shots of us goofing off in the store. It wasn't the first time, and I sure hope it isn't the last!

We finally made it to Wild Wings and dug into the "wing bar", which included some boneless selections this trip. They were might good, but they failed to keep the wing bins full and selection was poor. Of course, I'll give them another chance to straighten up!

Corey received a call from Tia telling him that Kinsley was wheezing badly and she was taking her to the doctor. Since Lily just got out a day earlier, we were all concerned about the little one.

We all expected Kinsley to be admitted to the hospital but as it turned out she was sent home. The doctor said she was getting plenty of oxygen and the breathing treatments they were continuing at home was all she needed at this time.

So, it all ended up "good"...same as it started, but I'm still concerned about the kids and whether or not they will be well enough for Christmas morning.


Michelle H. said...

It did all end up good. I'm glad Lily is fine and it looks as if everyone had a great time at the store. Happy Holidays!

Buck said...

Great pics!

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mushy.

Scott from Oregon said...

Mushy.... You put the "Merry" in Christmas!

Hope the young girls are feeling better.

FHB said...

Awesome post. Sounds like our fun day last summer. Those damn pop guns. They were goin' off all over the friggin' place. Next time, order some Gen. Sto's for me.