Sunday, December 20, 2009


My grand daughter Lily was admitted to the hospital after medication for "walking pneumonia" failed to work break her 3 day fever of 102 to 103. After a two hour wait in the emergency room at Children's Hospital in Knoxville, she was admitted and put on an antibiotic and fluids IV drip. Her oxygen level was below 90 and it should be 92 or better.
Yesterday, while we watched her sleep (see photo included here), her fever broke and was around 97.6. She slept for over 2 hours, which was more than she had gotten the night before. She may have slept more had her daddy's cellphone not rang!

This morning I called and Lily was finally eating and drinking, and had slept the entire night! I could hear cartoons playing in the background, so I know Corey was happy too...just kidding!

Corey told me that her sister, Kinsley, was at the doctor as we were talking. She is getting sick too and Tia was making a preemptive visit to the doctor; fearing she might develop pneumonia as well.

UPDATE: Both girls are doing fine, but Lily remains in the hospital. Test came back today with this diagnosis:
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a very common virus that leads to mild, cold-like symptoms in adults and older healthy children. It can be more serious in young babies, especially to those in certain high-risk groups.
  • Bluish skin color due to a lack of oxygen (cyanosis)
  • Breathing difficulty or labored breathing
  • Cough
  • Croupy cough (often described as a "seal bark" cough)
  • Fever
  • Nasal flaring
  • Rapid breathing (tachypnea)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Stuffy nose
  • Wheezing

Infants under age 1 are most severely affected and often have the most trouble breathing. Older children usually have only mild, cold-like symptoms. Symptoms usually appear 4 - 6 days after coming in contact with the virus.

Antibiotics do not treat RSV. Mild infections go away without treatment. Infants and children with a severe RSV infection may be admitted to the hospital so they can receive oxygen, humidified air, and fluids by IV.

A breathing machine (ventilator) may be needed.

RSV is the most common germ that causes lung and airway infections in infants and young children.

The disease spreads from person to person through contact with contaminated tiny droplets or objects that the droplets have touched.

Risks include:

  • Attending daycare (there are many, but here is the main cause in young children)!
Please remember the little girls in your prayers and for all the little girls and boys who are sick and/or in hospitals. Looking at Lily lying there yesterday (as in the photo), with the IV tubes running from her left hand, and with an occasional oxygen mask over her little face, brought big tears to my eyes. Little ones should be spared the pain of illness, but...such is our earthly burden.

My best to you all this Christmas. May God bless you and yours in the coming year.


PRH....... said...

Glad the news is better...our family prayers are with her...and the family.

Merry Christmas!

FHB said...

What he said. Take care of everyone and yourself, and have a great holiday.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, me too!

Hospitals are scary enough for us self-proclaimed adults. For a child, boy or girl, I can only imagine.

Sounds like they're both on the mend, though. And that's a good Christmas-present, indeed!

AubreyJ......... said...

Fast... FAST recovery goes out to your Grandbaby.

I hate it when my Grandkids get real sick or hurt... so i know how it feels. Been there-- done that...

Merry Christmas to you and yours... Looks like you have a good start on it already!!!


Suldog said...

Well, you most certainly have MY prayers. I hope all are well and happy for Christmas!

Mushy said...

Corey and I were out today and we got a call from Tia...she was taking Kinsley to the doctor. Sure hope and pray she doesn't have to be admitted too.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

I know how you feel. I am so glad all is looking up now. My third grandchild is due second week in Feb, it's a girl our first. I will keep them in my prayers. Ya'll have a great Christmas.

Michelle H. said...

You have my prayers for her. I read your most recent post and say she is doing good. But still wanted to comment here. Have a peaceful and joyful Christmas.

Buck said...

Like Michelle, it's good to read the girls are on the mend. I hope ALL is well by tomorrow.