Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I mowed the yard Tuesday. The grass has stopped growing but my primary purpose was to mulch the fallen leaves that have accumulated since my mom has been sick. Normally, I try to keep up with the number of leaves in order to avoid them damming up in front of the mower, but having to be with mom during her resent illness prevented me from doing things normally. So, the leaves at times pushed up in front, making the wheels of the mower stop and the stirring impossible. I’ve learned to push them off to the edge of the yard and create little piles. Backing out of the pile, I can resume my trip around the yard until it happens again.

I say all this to tell you that I’m sick again…it’s that tree/leaf/mold allergy that I have developed over the years. I know the consequences of mowing the yard, but someone has to do it, and I’ve been at it about 7 to 8 months out of each of the last 40 something years! However, even though I’m now taking allergy shots twice a week, two shots a visit, I still have this affliction and I’m about over it!

Tuesday, while mowing, I broke a support piece on the deck of my mower. So, I got to thinking, you’re 63 years old and you’re going to suffer for mowing, so don’t you think it’s time to hire this done?!

While I was coming to this conclusion, my wife was sitting on the screened-porch snapping the last of this year’s fall shots. From here lofty perch, she attempted to capture a huge draft of leaves blowing from the trees and down across the yard where I was contemplating my life. If you look hard (CLICK TO ENLARGE) you can see the airborne leaves. What you can’t see it the leaf dust following along behind.

She captured a great shot up through the large hickory that grows over our open deck. There is great contrast with the chimney, some green from a white pine, and the blue sky in the background.

The yard is large and about a third on the hilly side, but it is beautiful most times of the year. So, I have enjoyed the opportunity to get lost in my thoughts and relax, but the allergy has made it less inviting. I think I’m going to find someone to take care of the yard while I watch from the lofty perch with Judy. However, until the shots do their thing, I’ll probably have to wear my usual dust mask on mowing days.

If you live in the Harriman area and would be interested in giving me an estimate, send me an email to fuzzbert_1999 at Yahoo!


Sarge Charlie said...

beautiful place mr mushey

Suldog said...

Sure, sit back, relax, and let someone else do the work. You deserve the relaxation, someone can certainly use the job, you won't get sick... There's little downside to it, right? Great idea.

PRH....... said...

Getting ready to mow the back 40 for the final time as I type.....November 1st is the usual drop dead date, and I'm a little late this year.

Scott from Oregon said...

Use a respirator dude. A real one. You'll look kinda silly to your neighbors.... but they're use to that, right?

Mushy said...

Good idea!

BRUNO said...

Got the same problem here. So, if I catch myself in time, I'll wear one of those light-duty, cotton-fibre dust-masks, similar to what SCOTT is referring to.

My mower is one of the "Oldies of the '80's", with a removable baffle on the leading-edge of the deck, therefore eliminating leaf "ball-up". Can't make 'em that way anymore---too many stupid people nowadays that need protection from themselves!

Nope! Just like a good "roll-your-own" smoke, I'll "mow-my-own", for as long as possible. I get too much satisfaction from the outdoor exposure...!

Mushy said...

I wear the cotton types, but apparently they don't work for me. I put an attachment over the ext hole so they mulch on mine.

However, I just called a guy that mows several of my friends yards. We'll see what happens.

He almost has to be bonded for my yard!

JDP said...

For years I did my own yard work even though my severe allergies meant I paid for it. I finally got smart and started hiring it done. Pay someone else to do it, you will suffer a lot less I guarantee it.


Mushy said...

Thanks Dudley...good advice, and I'm pursuing that course of action now.

Love you hunting blog!

FHB said...

Yea, get yourself a good mask, and then get one of those cool mowers that can turn within' it's own radius. You know, with two handles, like an old tank? Hell, you get one of those and I'll drive up and mow your yard.

Dr G said...

Same thing caught me on Turkey day weekend. My uncle normally does my mother's yard but had what may be a mild stroke couple days prior so I took over. Like an idiot I did not wear a mask or googles. She has black walnut and oak trees and others in the back yard. I noticed a great deal more dust than her front yard and that was when the trouble started. Eyes hurting, sneezing, throat hurting. Seems to be getting worse now after a couple of days. Got a steroid shot from the doctor but that does not seem to be doing anything. I wonder how long it will last? Does this mean the next time I go back packing I will have a problem? I hope other people see this and wear a good respirator.