Thursday, July 02, 2009


Sunday evening found Judy and me out for a belated birthday meal at Ye Olde Steak House, which is just a few miles outside of Knoxville on Chapman Highway. I don’t think I have ever eaten there, but it’s a chinch I will again. The food is awesome, and unfortunate for you I had eaten half my shrimp and fillet before thinking about taking a photo. I tend to do that more often these days. I need to sit back, relax, take the photo, and then dig in, but I sometimes get that scenario backwards!

Tracy and Eddie wanted to treat us for our birthdays (which are only 3 days apart), and the Steak House is where they insisted we go. They had been there a couple of weeks earlier and had been raving about the food ever sense. Katie Bug was along too, without her shadow for a change!

Meeting us there were Terri, Jules, and Steve. It was Jules’ birthday, and her grandparents were leaving the next morning taking her halfway home. I think the plan was to meet Joey, her dad, in St. Louis, where they planned to do some sightseeing before saying goodbye.

Anyway, I just want to post these few photos of part of the family out enjoying themselves. Katie and Jules make a beautiful pair, as do Eddie and Steve! However, you’ll just have to guess about me, Judy, and Terri!


BRUNO said...

Well, SOMEBODY has to hold the camera.

We're gettin' too old, stiff, an' slow to use the TIMER on the thing, anymore...!

Mushy said...

It's hard shooting tripod and timed shots on location...but I'll try.

FHB said...

Yea, every once and a while I'll get half way through something and think "Oh shit, I didn't get a picture." But you know, that's a good reason to go back.

I just experimented with Mongolian Stir Fry at the Genghis Grill. It's new in town, and it was excellent, and fun. they have you pick your own stuff... meat, veggies, sauces and spices, and then they toss it on a grill for ya. Cleared my sinuses. Check it out.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, wasn't thinkin' right. Forgot that a tri-pod just MIGHT be a bit in-the-way, in a public setting!

I'd suggest lettin' a passers-by take the pic for ya', like "in the good ol' days"---but if ya' done that in THIS day and time, you'd very likely lose the camera!

But maybe the chase after the culprit WOULD be good exercise???

Just kiddin'!!! Really, enjoy all of the family-time you possibly can, while you can. Don't look back five, ten years from now, and find the need to tell yourself:"Oh, if ONLY I had another chance...!"

Becky said...

I'm so bad about taking pictures of my friends b/c I only think about it when I'm traveling for some reason. But then I realized that I hardly have any pic of my friends. Doh!

That's interseting that your birthdays are so close together. We have a couple friend like that and it sounds like the hubby tends to overshadow the wife, so she made a point of making it her celebration this year :)