Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My son called me Monday and invited me out to Wild Wings with him and his two college buddies from Middle (Doug) and West (Justin…wearing cap) Tennessee. It seems Doug, especially; always insist Corey’s “old man” come along.

We have all spent time on the golf course and in a mountain cabin for a “boy’s weekend” several times before, and for some reason they seem to get a kick out of me!

They don’t realize how honored I am being with them and hearing them talk about the good times they’ve shared over the years – most of which I will not share with you publicly! I love those guys!

Anyway, Wild Wings served up much better wings this time, and the Yuengling Doug and I shared (an iced 6-pack bucket) was extremely cold and delicious. Those were actually the first beers I’ve had in several weeks. Corey was relieved to see me having a beer again. We’ve been there twice before and I drank tea with him, and he was afraid I was sick or something!

Anyhow, we left a pile of “carnage” and had great fun playing with our “nerdy” equipment; flashing cameras and camera phones, and talking or texting to other parts of the country.

There’s nothing quite like a “boys night out!”


david mcmahon said...

No, Mushy, I'm NOT at all surprised that your son wanted you to come along. That's a great compliment to a parent.

(Delighted that you liked my Spitfire shots, too.)

GIANTS FAN said...

Great site man. I was wondering if we could possible exchange links. Let me know what you think about my humor blog.


Mushy said...

Giants Fan...I'll link you on my Silverbacks site!

Michele said...

Sounds like a good time! It's great when the kids finally get old enough to realize their parents aren't really stupid after all!! *L*

FHB said...

Ma, I am SO looking forward to some of that carnage.

And you had me laughin' with that merge. They don't always work out, do they? Twins!

You have a wonderful relationship with your son. You're pretty damn cool, and the fact that his buddies want you around is testament that.

BRUNO said...

I've done gotten beyond the "cool" point, and have progressed into the "pre-rigor-mortis" stage.

Which needless to say, does NOT make me too popular, anymore!

(Yeah, I'm jealous as hell of ya'!!!)

Jose said...

I know what you are talking about because I am lucky enough to have three kids that just love to be with their old man. Even the inlaws don't mind hanging around. Life is good at this end too. I say we need to enjoy this times and cherish them forever.

Suldog said...

Holy... You were drinking tea with your wings? Did they give you a doily?

Just kidding, Mushy! I know you're a man's man! Looks like a fun time.

PRH....... said...

My BP goes up just looking at the Chow! Of course a few beers can bring it back down, can't it?

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

I know what you mean. I have had the opportunity to hang with my son and his buds on numerous times. At times I find out more than I really wanted to know. Glad you had such a good time.

Mushy said...

I certainly enjoyed all these comments guys and gals...thanks!

I think you all are pretty cool!