Saturday, June 06, 2009


School is out, but Corey is still tying up loose ends, but he decided to relax a bit and called me Friday to see if I wanted to hit Wild Wings for lunch...the question goes without asking...YEAH!

On the way, I got a text message from Jeff, who seems to be enjoying his fishing trip. In the attached photo, he was holding some weird brew, but they're all good.

At Wings the waitress asked us what we wanted to drink. Corey responded with his usual
un-sweet tea, and I followed with the same answer. Corey looked shocked and said, "Dad...that ain't right! What's wrong?"

I'm currently taking an antibiotic so I thought better of mixing alcohol with it. Anyway, I continued my non-alcohol day into the evening at my Class Reunion's warm-up party (more on that later). Probably the first party I've attended in some time without a beer or a drink in my hand. It actually turned out well...may do that more often.

After eating, Corey wanted to go to Dick's Sporting Goods, with his usual, "
You like Dick's don't you dad," running joke.

I got very tickled at him trying to convince his wife that he needed a new pair of golf shoes, but Tia would have no part of it. So, he bought a box of balls, and I ended up with two golf shirts.

Being with Corey is one of the great pleasures of my life!


BRUNO said...

As for JEFF, be glad it was a weird brew he was holdin'! You KNOW how "scary" he can get!!!

As for the tea? I'll drink it UN-sweetened---but I sure like a couple packs of SPLENDA to top it off if I'm NOT eating....

Mushy said...

Yeah, I like the Splenda too. I used to drink coffee and tea with no sugar, but now need a sweetener.

Sandi McBride said...

So glad you had a great day with your son...exactly what Mac did today...spent it with our younger one, Michael...loved every second of it...those wings look mighty good...I can nearly tasted them!

Ron Southern said...

Yeah, but what's the golf shirts for? I always thought those things were bought by men who otherwise couldn't think for two seconds about fashion and just wanted something plain. I guess it's better than a prison shirt.

FHB said...

Mmmmm, good stuff!

That beer was something called Lord Chesterfield Ale, which is brewed by Yuengling. They didn't have 6-packs of the Traditional Lager, but one of the guys pointed that stuff out to me while we were in the stop-n-rob in Syracuse, so I tried it. Tastes much the same as the TL.

And yea, I drink unsweetened a lot of the time. Our beer selection around here is such that tea is usually a better option.