Tuesday, June 02, 2009


This past Sunday, Judy and I took Terri and Steve to Atlanta to see the "Jersey Boys" at the Fox Theatre. I hadn't been feeling well, so Judy asked Katie if she wanted to go. However, Katie is too wrapped up in Zack right now, so she declined. Well, I didn't want Judy to go alone, so by Sunday morning I was feeling much better and went. I sure am glad I did!

The show was fantastic...I had no idea the Four Seasons had that many hits, but I seemed to know every song. If you look back over your life, you always wonder where the time went. Well, we spend part of it listening to 2 and 3 minute songs on the radio, sitting in movie theaters, clipping our toenails, or some other insignificant thing, but the sum is our lives...minute by minute.

The time we've spent setting in theaters has not been a waste of time. It's those times that we've
shed the stresses of life. You get lost in another world and forget our troubles. Even walking into a theater, especially one like the Fox in Atlanta, just relaxes us and fills us with great expectations and hope of seeing and experiencing something far different than our mundane lives.

My brother-in-law Bill, has worked part-time at the Fox for ages. I'm sure it was just to remove the stress of being an accountant that drew him to the off-hour work. Bill took Terri and I on a "back stage" tour of the theater.

Since spending time on the Princess Theater project,
I've been interested in old theaters and their history, especially the story of their restoration projects. So, as we walked around we happened to meet Len Tucker, the Director of Operations at the Fox. He took us even further into the secret places of the Fox.

It turned out, after Terri told him about my current work, that he offered the Fox Theatre's assistance in our local theater project. This knowledge base will be invaluable to us, so even without the "Jersey Boys" show, the trip was a "networking" landfall!

GO HERE to see the photos I took of the Fox (click on Slideshow). It will only give you a small feel for the grand ol' need to go there yourself!


Scotty said...

my son, who is 14, went to see this with his grandparents and loved it... its kind of cool (and a little funny) seeing him wearing a jersey boys t-shirt--but much better than some goofy rapper!

glad you enjoyed the show, i'm hoping to catch it when it makes its way back ...


Mushy said...

You should...and there's a good chance your son will want to see it again.

Sandi McBride said...

Walk Like a Man was always my favorite, but then anything they sang was special...I'm hoping the show gets to Charlotte soon, because me and Evil Sister (the other Jersey Girl) will be front row center!
Glad you're feeling better...stay well!!!

Debbie said...

I love that kind of music, they just don't make it that way any more. Wonder if they will take this on tour, maybe to Nashville? Would love to see it.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Anonymous said...

You sure do get around!

Signed: envious.

Suldog said...

Hey, that's great that you got the offer of good help from Mr. Tucker! I can't wait to see your theater when it's finished!

Mushy said...

Debbie...I think the show has already played Nashville...but maybe it will return.

FHB said...

Man, you're waxin' poetic. No, never wasted time, particularly in a cool place like that. Loved the shots on FlickR.