Thursday, May 28, 2009


Monday was my birthday and today was Judy’s…we were twins you know!

Mom took us out to eat yesterday in honor of the occasions. I didn’t want her to pay, but since we took her all around Turkey Creek shopping, she insisted…so thanks mom! As you can see, she had quite a day herself, buying a new suit for church (Judy is holding it), getting a makeup update at Penny’s, and she left lots of food to eat today! She doesn’t eat much, so a meal out is usually good for a day or two at home.

Today was moving day for Tia and Corey, so we took Lily for the day. It was the first time we have had her for over 8 hours, and it was nice. It really gave us time to bond and start treating her the way we used to Katie Bug. Being at our house seemed to make us all more relaxed and the house is still new to her, so it was an adventure exploring. It was also the first time got to share lunch with her and Judy even got to share a nap with her; although, Judy got up as soon as Lily was asleep.

Judy and Lily had played hard at blowing and chasing bubbles all morning, so she needed a little rest. Note the big bubbles in the photos of the two…Judy was proud of herself!

I left around 2:15 for an eye appointment, and when I returned Tracy and Katie (and Zack) had dropped by to play with Lily. They were drawing names and pictures with chalk on the driveway (which is currently being washed away with a heavy downpour of rain), and Lily played with some toys in the birdbath! Yeah, the birdbath, but it was clean water…I’ve never seen a bird in it since we bought it – too close to the lake I suppose.

Gary, her “pop-pop”, came by about 5:30 and picked Lily up. We were tired, being old folks, but we hated to see the little thing go. She had hugged and kissed around on us all day and we already miss it, however, our heart is aglow and warm enough to last until next visit!


Jeni said...

A really great post about what is the most important things in life -family and especially the greatness of being a grandparent. A lot of similarity in this post and the one I just did tonight too. And one other thing -before I forget it -have you ever thought of entering Shelly Tucker's "Only the Good Friday" thing she has one her blog "This Eclectic Life?" This post would be absolutely perfect for that theme. You can find out about that via my post tonight on my blog titled "When All There Is..." as I have it linked to Shelly's Only the Good. Try it! Bet you'll like it!

Suldog said...

Lovely. It's so nice to remember all the good stuff we've been given, isn't it? Yes, it is!

Happy birthday, Mushy!

Happy Birthday, Judy!

FHB said...

Well, Happy Birthday to Miss Judy and hugs all around. It looks like you guys had another wonderful day. Glad to see your mom is doing well. I was thinkin' about askin' how she was doin', but hadn't got around to it yet.

Scott from Oregon said...

Well, Happy Belated Birthday!!

PRH....... said...

63? Happy Birthday brother, remember this former Sky Cop is still younger than you....:)