Sunday, April 26, 2009


Let me take a moment to post (brag) about my granddaughter’s first prom!

Kaitlyn (Katie Bug) and Zack have been excited for weeks about attending their junior year prom.

The day finally arrived for them and members of both families met at Katie’s for photos. Cameras were snapping away like the beginning of “A Hard Day’s Night” (you have to be old to get that one)!

There was just enough time to capture this three generations photo of my wife Judy, Katie, and her mother Tracy. How proud of each other they look!

Traditionally, all the prom goers and their families meet at the Gravel Pit”, a parking lot across from the high school, to take pictures before seeing the kids off to the dance. The dock, overlooking the beginning of the Tennessee River, was full of posing students and parents and friends frantically taking photos.

Four families, Katie’s included, joined in the cost of renting a limousine for the evening. Partly due to normal concerns about the number of young people killed each year going or coming from their proms. However, this year there was the added incentive of the community suffering the loss of one of their own earlier in the week.

Parents of the Roane County High School students attending the prom were concerned that Tuesday’s accident, that took the life of James E. Sams III, would dampen the spirit of the event. However, the students showed their respects earlier in the week at the funeral home, at a special candle light observance, and did special private things to honor the well loved student and football star’s memory. At the pre-prom photo shoot Saturday, one of Sam’s classmates showed how he felt by cutting a tribute into his hair for the dance (#8 was his football jersey number).

Roane County High School senior and multi-sport athlete Sams, 18, was headed east on US Hwy 70. At approximately 5:37 PM, he crossed over the center line and slammed into a pickup truck hauling lawnmowers near HWY 70's intersection with Country Road, near Kingston, Tennessee.

The truck then left the roadway and turned over on its side. All three people inside were wearing seat belts, only the driver suffered injuries.

Sams was not wearing a seatbelt and passed away shortly after the crash.

Katie reported that the prom was wonderful, as she had expected it, and that she and Zack danced the night away. Everyone, thankfully, got home safe.

Oh yeah...Judy captures me in action!


Sarge Charlie said...

Ok mushy, it is ok for grandpaw to brag about that beautiful child.

Mushy said...

Thanks...I knew you would understand.

Shrinky said...

Oh Mushy, she is the Belle of the Ball, what a natural stunning beauty she is, who wouldn't be proud of her?

What a senseless tragedy to hear of the loss of such a young life. We all hold our loved ones closer when fate randomly tears someone like this away.

FHB said...

Funny, how things change, and yet stay the same. I can remember several guys in my high school class who died behind the wheel. I guess it's amazing any of us live through being a teenager.

Yep, she's hot as hell. But with her granny's DNA, how could she not be.

Scott from Oregon said...

Since I am a dude and she is your granddaughter, I am reluctant to say "She sure is perty!"

but she is...

Mushy said...

Just appreciate what God has made! She is as pretty inside as she is outside. She's a great kid.

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures of your grandchild -- I really like that color on her. Amazing how much prom dresses changed since I was in high school (with the big poofy sleeves and big poofy hair).

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

pretty dresses!