Friday, March 13, 2009


Judy, my mom, and I visited the girls today and found them all (
including their mother Tia) adorable! Tia seemed to enjoy the little break in the action and watched her girls proudly as we made grandparent fools of ourselves!

Kinsley cuddled, grinned, occasionally flashed her dark eyes, and slowly moved her arms and legs while laying on my shoulder…it was wonderful to finally get to hold her. The best part of having the new baby may be that Lily is just jealous enough to want to be held and loved on more often! I took full advantage of it all and had the best time!

Mom enjoyed holding her newest great-granddaughter and watching Lily play. Lily has never been as animated as she is now with Kinsley around. She often came to me to hold her as she pretended to be hurt and crying like a little baby. This is only natural and won’t last long, but I plan on drinking in all the extra loving I’m now getting from her while it last! I also had to read several books to her, and she loved my pirate voice and my fire truck sounds!

Lucky for me, most of my soreness is gone, because Lily gave me a good workout!

Can’t wait until the next visit!

Yes, the soreness is almost gone, and today was the 26th day since my blunder upon Buzzard’s Bluff!

I’m also celebrating the fact that I slept in my bed last night for the first time since then. I wasn’t actually flat-out, but I was in the bed propped firmly upon several pillows. It will probably be another week before I can resume sleeping on my right and left sides. If I try that now, I wake up in short order in lots of pain. However, for now, I’ll take sleeping in a “reclining” position in my bed instead of in the living room recliner.

See ya soon!


Sarge Charlie said...

being a grandpaw is cool stuff

FHB said...

Wonderul! Very happy for all of you.

Debbie said...

I'm so sorry about your fall and your ribs. That can be terribly painful and there's really nothing you can do except SUFFER. I broke two ribs years ago, so I can sympathize.

You're not a young whipper snapper any more, Mushy. Your tettering on old geezer. Time to start being extra careful.

You don't want your sweetie having to purchase wheel chair or something for you, or maybe collect your insurance prematurely.

Take care.

The girls are precious. I see them filling that hole in your heart.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Suldog said...

Stuff like the ribs will certainly make us appreciate the little things in life, like our own beds! Glad to hear you're feeling better!

PRH....... said...

Another little girl added to our family this niece gave birth to "Lilly" just 3 hours before my 60th birthday. Said she tried to hold her until midnight, but mother nature wasn't going to wait.

Sandi McBride said...

Is there anything more wonderful than Grandchildren? If there is, I've yet to find it!

Becky said...

Your grandbabies are adorable :)

Michele said...

Grandkids are our reward for not eating our young!! *L*