Saturday, February 14, 2009


The Knights took the Dragons to Carrabba's in Knoxville this evening and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We lucked up and got Jessica Folis as a waitress again, she made sure us "repeats" got the best of service! If you follow the link back, you will see her smiling face again!

All the Dragons were looking their best and we lov'em, but don't tell them we said so! It would make their heads swell too much!

Jessica kept the beer and wine flowing while we ordered, ate our salads, and laughed louder than any other group in the place. Ron especially loved the New Castle, but it slowly turned to "Brown Castle" and finally "Brown Cow", but she knew what he meant!

Everything was delicious, as it usually is. I decided on the "Sicilian Braised Pork", with potatoes, fennel, and carrots. Man, let me tell you, it was so tender it just fell apart when my fork touched it. As you can see by the photo (click to enlarge), that's all that remained when I finished.

Several of the guys have been under the weather recently, so it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves again.

I lov'em all, but don't tell them I said so.


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

I wont tell. Cross my heart!

Hey - last call to have me come see ya for a spell...'fore I head north! Would love to hang out with ya Mushy! (But dont tell anyone I said that)


Mushy said...

Truly too busy dear...with the Princess and all. Sorry, I know I'll regret it, but just no time until after the summer.

Cappy said...

Why are all the great bloggers in Knoxville?

Jose said...

Nothing like spending the day in the company of good friends except maybe spending it with all the kids and celebrate Valentine's with them and their spouces.

FHB said...

Glad to see everyone there and doing well. Love the food they put out. I found a t-shirt the Dragons need. I'll email it to ya.

Suldog said...

Nice to have your sweetheart after many years. I know!