Saturday, February 07, 2009


So, in an effort to find a little snow, we traveled up to Frozen Head State Park, about 10 miles, or so, from where we live. Katie, and her beau Zack, wanted to go too, so we hopped in my truck and headed out.

We were disappointed to find no snow on the road as we entered the park, but we could see a line high up on the mountains.

We walked along the wide Judge Branch path, stopping to take photos along the way.
Katie brought her camera and I noticed she had taken up a few of her Papaw's techniques, once planting the camera firmly on a rock and shooting a low-light shot up the creek. Maybe some of me is rubbing off after all. That thought was reinforced later when I noticed her pressing the camera body firmly against a tree to take Zack's picture.

The lighting was dim, with an overcast sky and frequent flurries, so often our camera shots were often automatically supplemented with fill-flash.

As we neared the trail head, about a mile and a half from the truck, we began walking in snow - not much mind you, but just enough to make things beautiful!

There are at least three bridges along the trail, one great campsite we've used a few times, and lots of running water.
There were photo "ops" everywhere!

At the top of the first leg, we let Katie and Zack continue the loop up around by the old CCC
dynamite shack, and we headed back down to meet them where the two trails meet; back down about half a mile from the parking lot. The kids needed a little space to sneak a kiss or two, and so did Granny and I! Isn't old and young love great!?

We love Frozen Head too. It has everything a park should offer for great hikes and it is so close to us. I don't know why we don't go every day.
It is always so pleasing to see the mountain streams, strewn with moss covered rocks, and little white water falls. The Earth is most beautiful where man hasn't been allowed to make any changes.

More shots on Flickr!


Jeni said...

Looks like it was a fun outing and from my view here-those woods and the streams look really pretty as well!

Sarge Charlie said...

I love the mountains in cold weather, thanks for sharing this.

FHB said...

Beautiful, even in hibernation.

Jose said...

The Earth is most beautiful where man hasn't been allowed to make any changes.

That was my sentiment during my Mexico trip when we visited the place where my parents were born. I really love those images you capture.

Mushy said...

I'm glad you all seem to like my photos...they are only images of what the creator has made.

Michele said...

Pretty pretty photos (as usual); love the mountain trails!

Becky said...

Nice -- I have to admit that I expected more snow in your area for this time of year. That's pretty cool that you spend that kind of time with your granddaughter. I have a cordial relationship with my grandparents, but I don't know if I could ever imagine "hanging out" with them (granted, we've never even lived in the same state).

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

The pics are great, but I can't understand why anyone would want to fin snow. I guess being a Texan has something to do with that. I love snow on TV only. Anyhow glad ya'll had a good time

Mushy said...

We are close with Katie and she often spends the night, even after her dates! We will never have the same relationship with my son's children, but it's really the difference in sons and daughters...boys are more independent.

Snow! We miss snow so much Grandpa. It was a big part of our childhood here, but since the blizzard of '93 we get very little.

I was taught how to drive on it, play in it, and experience it's beauty. I've often walked in the dark woods at night just to hear it falling through the trees. It's amazing how light it is out when it's snowing.

Anna said...

It is always nice to have some fun with young people, or I say love birds, nice photos. Anna :)

Carol said...

Beautiful photos, Mush. You want snow? Come to Ohio!!

david mcmahon said...

I grew up in the embrace of mountains and this post sang to me - especially about time to show affection.

Scott from Oregon said...

What beautiful woods!

If it weren't for the presence of such beautiful people, "Deliverance" banjo playing would come to mind.

So I am thankful for the beautiful people in your photos!

Jennybean said...

Awwww.... don't mind me, I'm just poking in on those who poke in on me...