Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Oh, 'bout 250! No, seriously, here's a little preview of what I've been doing over at the PRINCESS THEATER blog:

Bill Landry, of the "Heartland Series", began the first class in Media Production Monday evening
at Roane State Community College. Mr. Landry is a regional celebrity here in Tennessee. His productions are documenting how life was "back in the old days" and make for a very entertaining 3 minutes between the end of the news and the start of Jay Leno!The Princess Theater Foundation and Roane State Community College are working together to help revitalize Downtown Harriman, Tennessee, and restore the old Princess Theater. I was there last evening to snap this shot of (left to right): Bill Landry (Creator & Producer of the Heartland Series), Michael Golebiewski (Humanities Department at RSCC), Gary Baker (Local businessman), Chris Mason (Mayor of Harriman), and Bill Farnham (local Princess Foundation supporter). [Photo by J. Paul Mashburn (Foundation Supporter & Photographer)]

This first ever Media Production class, with 17 enrolled, met with Mr. Landry, who wanted to know about their backgrounds, interests, and hopes for the class. Their first assignment was a little "acting" for the camera!Anyway, I'm doing well and having fun working with the foundation on this project. Soon, I'll get to photograph some behind the scenes shots of the class filming their various projects. It's kind of my little Hollywood in the Smokies!


Sandi McBride said...

Glad to hear all is going well with you and the theater Mushy...

Suldog said...

It really does sound like some fun. Keep on enjoying!

FHB said...

Cool! We used to have a local media guy at one of the Dallas TV stations who was our local version of... What the hell was that guys name, CBS news guy who went around the country in a van, doing local color stories? Anyway, he was our version of this guy you picture here. Loved those stories.

Charles Kuralt? Yea, that's the dude.