Thursday, December 25, 2008


Everywhere you look it is Christmas!

Christmas has many meanings, and some are more heartfelt than others. However, everyone seems to search for that spirit this time of year, and some lucky ones find it.

Judy and I gave up “old fashioned” Christmas back in the early 90’s, but have kept the spiritual part of it in our hearts, mostly reserved for our children and the those of the extended family. As for us, we don’t search for personal gifts that will dazzle each other anymore. Instead we buy what we want throughout the year, and look at them as shared possessions. We don’t frantically run about looking for that special gift for others, or decorate our yard or the external part of our home anymore.

Recently, however, we have allowed some ornamentation back inside, with a ceramic tree we’ve had for years, Judy’s collection of Santa’s, and few special standalone items from the past. Gone are the real tree, balls (except those she put in a bowl on the coffee table), the wreaths, the mistletoe, the ribbons, and the blinking lights that once adorned our home. Instead, just a few items that visiting grandchildren will appreciate.

I realized, from an in-depth religious search I did years back, that Christmas was not mentioned, or mandated, in the Bible, and that Christmas had long since grown from a simple way of remembering the birth of Christ and sharing warm gifts and food with the family, to a full-blown Madison Avenue sales scheme – all about the money! We decided not to buy into it anymore, and let our true faith and feelings become void of tinsel, ribbons, and gift giving.

We let card giving fall by the wayside as well. Each year we get Christmas cards from people important to our lives, but we do not reciprocate. I’m not sure they even notice or care. A person should do what is right in their heart and not be concerned about getting back. Sometimes I want to tell them not to waste their good money on us, especially during these tight times, but that wouldn’t be right. If they simply give in order to receive, then they’ll stop soon enough. But we do read each card, and appreciate their messages, and send up a small prayer for the well being of each represented family.

So, if you’ve sent us a card this year, you may recognize it among those I scanned and posted here. Thanks!

They all sit on my desk. I look at them a few times during the holidays, and ensure the addresses are updated in my Contact list, and around the end of January they go to be recycled.

So, to you, and everyone else that stumbles upon my blog, I give you a few Christmas shots from around the house (click to enlarge each). I took them with my new DSLR! Maybe they will bring the same kind of smile to your face as your greetings brought to ours.

Santa has nothing to do with the birth of Christ, or the Bible either, but he does represent the kind of warm-hearted, gentle old man that I hope to grow into one of these days. With your help and patience, maybe I will.


P.S. If you wanted a Christmas memory from me, then CLICK HERE!


Highfly said...

Hi there Mushy,

I hope you have a really great Christmas and a happy New Year :) All the best to you and your family.


Sarge Charlie said...

Mr Mushey, Merry Christmas to you, yours, and give thanks for the soldier who is standing the post on Christmas day...

Les Becker said...

Merry Christmas, Mushy! I've unscrambled my face for you for this occasion (in lieu of a Christmas card - The Green Lady won't let me send them, but she says to tell you "Thanks for recycling.").

My Idiot Child and I are all a-smiles Where the Walls are Soft, this year.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Merry Christmas! I'm soooooooooo looking forward to meeting you & Mrs. Mushy SOON!

Buck said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mushy.

And thanks for all the wonderful posts this year!

*Goddess* said...

I love all of your Santas:) Merry Christmas!

That 1 Guy said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mushy!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Mushy!

Donald Douglas said...

Merry Christmas, Mushy!

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Merry Christmas, Mushy.

Jose said...

That's the beauty of the season and the Wonder of Christmas. People have the choice to celebrate it as their heart sees it. Me, being almost 50 and with seven grand kids I love to see Christmas through their eyes. We are just to tied to our traditions and hope to preserve them for more generations to come. Merry Christmas.

Shrinky said...

It sounds as though you have figured out how to enjoy the best of the season without all the drama and dreaded build up to it that so many of us dread. When our children are grown, we may well decide to take a leaf out of your book too, Mushy.

Hope the festivities are happy and warm for all of you and yours hon. x

Pat Houseworth said...

No big spending this year, simple, practical gifts(yep, boring I know)....we decided to focus on the real reasons for Christmas.

Hope 2009 is fine Mushy!

Mushy said...

Thanks for all the well wishes wish is that 2009 will be a blessing to you all.

FHB said...

Back at ya bro. I understand completely. I start getting sick of the hype as soon as they start playin' the Christmas music in the stores, around Thanksgiving! We try to ruin almost everything in this culture with commercialism. My favorite thing turns out to be the old classic movies they show, and all the bible docus on the History Channel. You know, what did the real early Christians think and do. Love that stuff.

Anyway, here's hopin' everyone in your family has a safe and happy holiday, and that 2009 is better than '08 turned out to be. Love ya man!

Oh, and I loved rereadin' that other post. Fun stuff.