Wednesday, November 26, 2008



This beautiful and yummy cheese ball and vegetable center piece, resembling a turkey, was created by Jan, the mother of my brother’s children. Yes, both Wade and I still share our lives with our ex’s, but it means a lot to our kids and grand kids. Truthfully, our ex’s are very nice people, as long as we aren’t married to them! We all get along quite well.

Yes, I have started eating so much lately that I need to pre-stretch my stomach for holidays, by attending a large feast at least three before the main event! So, we had a precursor Thanksgiving meal at mom’s Sunday.

My brother is only a holiday visitor, or at least that’s the way it seems of late, so, since he has to work Thanksgiving, we took this time to join together in family fellowship over some turkey and ham. Wade is an aircraft mechanic for Continental Airlines, working primarily on the cargo fleet in Charlotte, NC. He gets little time off, so mom tries to have gatherings around his schedule.

There were plenty of the traditional foods for everyone, with lots left over, even though there were some rather large eaters swarming the table like a pride of lions on a downed wildebeest!

Mom even got in some cooking lessons for Christy (in red top - Wade’s youngest daughter), teaching her the fine art of cornbread muffin and coleslaw making! You can tell by mom’s smile and clinched fists that she was thrilled to have the house full of children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren again! It really tires her out these days, but to her it’s worth it to have those she loves near her. She’ll spend the rest of this week, cleaning, and getting things back in order! She’s a bit of a neat freak…not that I’m not!

You can see Brad (Danielle’s husband), Shane (Christy’s husband), and Wade (my brother) begin the circling formation. After a brief prayer of thanks, I join them in line. The men eat first in this family, unlike with Judy and the Dragons, who always eat first!

Christy made the “Butterfinger Cake”, and Jan (Christy and Danielle's mom) made the “Pumpkin Roll”! Both were very tasty! The rolls came in male and female versions, since some of the girls don’t like nuts in their punkin’ rolls!

Later, on the sun-room couch, Wade, Danielle (his oldest), her children Addie and Kaylee, and Christy (Wade’s youngest) squeeze in around Granny (mom)! Mom was where she had wanted to be since last Thanksgiving!

In the kid’s photo, you can see Jan hiding behind Kaylee and Addie. However, I caught a snap of her earlier as she shared photos with Wade, of the girls at the Knoxville Zoo.

Outside, Wade showed off his new Smith & Wesson .40 cal. semi-auto (under left arm). Nice piece!

Nope, no photos of Judy and me…we were there, but can’t prove it!


Anonymous said...

This is the noise of saliva filling the mouth. Swithhhhhdrool.

What a terrific family. Glad you all had a great time...sorry swithhhhhhhhdrooling!

Rhea said...

Looks like you're set for a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Mushy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to for Judy's family gathering...the biggest of them all!

Byron Chesney said...

Ain't nothing better than getting the family together and putting away some delicious food. It's what I live for! Happy T-day to you and your'n.

Sassy said...

There's nothing better than being with family for the Holidays. I wish you and your family a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving Mushy!!

pat houseworth said...

Happy Thanksgiving you and the family!

*Goddess* said...

Dude! How many Thanksgiving meals do you get:)?

Jan sure put a loooot of work into the cheeseball turkey. Looks great. As do those brownies..yum!

Mushy said...

One for each side of the, we will do something just for us here at home.

Happy Turkey Day!

Scott from Oregon said...

Now THAT is a turkey I can eat on my diet!!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Looks like a great time. I know you love it. Have a great day tomorrow.

BRUNO said...

Get a gut-cramp for ME while you're at it, too...!

Lin said...

Wow ... what a warm up food fest! But it's wise to do that so that you don't get cramps like Bruno.

Debbie said...

I want a piece of the pumpkin roll! YUM YUM

Happy Thanksgiving Mushy.

(On a separate note, I have a question.

Do you know anything about Caulderwood Kennels in Greeneville Tennessee, near Knoxville?

We are going there tomorrow and look for a new Beagle puppy. I can't find anything negative about them. I'm hoping they are reputable.

If you know anything negative about them, give me a call or an email before noon Thursday.

or 731-852-2565

My laptop crashed yesterday, I've been restoring everything today, lost my email contacts, including yours (I know, back up, back up, back up.)

Right Truth

Jose said...

Family and good food, what more can one ask for. If this is to prepare you for Thanksgiving I wonder what the food will look like then.

Mushy, have a grea and Happy Thanksgiving day.

Maggie May said...

What a great cheese ball...... and a great family gathering. Hope you all had a fabulous time as I'm sure you did.

Buck said...

I hope your Thanksgiving was warm, peaceful, and full of Good Things, Mushy. From the looks of things it most certainly began that way!

JihadGene said...


You da Bird, my man! I'm sorry butts things here in Norf Korea(California)
keeps me too bid-gee and I am late for greetings of Tanks Giving! Me glad...looong time you and whole Mushy Clan had a great get togedder!

Great Reader
Near the DMZ (Fresno, Ca)

phlegmfatale said...

Lovely family!

That's the ossumest cheeseball ever!