Sunday, October 26, 2008


We haven’t seen Katie Bug in a few days and I had to revert to looking back at some photos of her to remember what she looked like! Well, that’s not entirely true, but that is what we tell her when we talk to her of the phone.

Her boyfriend had been in the hospital a few days suffering from a badly broken leg he received in a recent car accident. Katie and her mother ran the road between home and Park West Hospital in Knoxville, but he is home now recuperating.

Today I sent her a text message, knowing she’d have her cellphone on during school, even though it’s against the general rule!

Sure enough I got a reply – she loves me too!

I told her I still loved her even though I haven’t seen her in “forever!

Turns out she was planning to come by after work, possibly to spend the night, which means she’ll get here around 9, worn out, and then go to bed around 10. That’s okay, at least I’ll get to see her. She'll stop by the computer, give me a kiss on the cheek, tell me good night and that she loves me, and then off to bed.

We did visit long enough for me to make a descent photo from a cellphone shot of her and Zach kissing! Of course I complained about that, but you know how teen love is! It's for his birthday.

We were over at her house, not too long ago, for “soup night” and I had forgotten about the other shots I’m including within this post.

I was also messing around with ANIMOTO today, a personal video clip creating site I discovered from my PC World magazine, and I found the shots while looking for some to upload for my test video. After uploading my photos, and a music clip by INXS, the site automatically formatted all of it into this great little clip! You should try it!

Anyway, completing my thoughts on Katie, she gets her great love of life from (in order of craziness) her Granny (Judy), her mother (Tracy), and her dad (Eddie). I’m not saying I haven’t contributed, but I figured that went without saying! We’ve always enjoyed each other’s company. We used to go on “ventures,” starting about the time she could see out of my truck from a booster-seat, and on through teaching her about the blues as she sat by my side and listened to my MP3 collection!

She is my crazy little granddaughter!


Jose said...

Take it from me, grandkids are the best.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Mushy, I don't know who's or her! So I'll say you BOTH are very lucky to have each other!!!


Shrinky said...

And much loved too, by the sounds of it. You two share an obviously strong bond there Mushy, I can only agree with Olga, it's hard to say which one of you is the luckiest (hugs).

~Fathairybastard~ said...

"Sorry, this clip is no longer available." I'm just sayin'...

And yea, you're both lucky. Great post.

Mushy said...

Thanks guys...we are both pretty lucky!

Try the little video again...had it set to private on YouTube! Sorry.

Sandi McBride said...

Your love for your family is so vivid Mushy...aren't Granddaughters just GRAND? We only have the one, but she's about all we can handle, lol...yours is a pretty little tow head, too, I see!
Loved the slide show!

catscratch said...

Oh yah... there's nothing like my lil grandbaby!!

Michele said...

And a very pretty granddaughter she is!! *S*

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Aaaah, now it works. Very cool. Love the family shots. It's like we're getting a little taste of the autobiography again. I needs it.