Monday, October 20, 2008


First, you can run by about 9 AM and get your flu shot.

Have you gotten yours yet?

Second, drop in at your little momma’s, and wait for your wife to make the rounds at Curves!

If you’ve been really good, she’ll bring you a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit back for breakfast.

Then you can all hop in the car, letting your wife drive, and go shopping for new hair clippers for you, and a new bed and a big bag of pig ears for your doggie!

Then you stand around and watch your mom and wife cuss and discuss new drapes!

Afterward, you can talk them into a big Ol’ Smokey at Gridiron Burgers! Yummy…for my tummy!

Finally, you get everyone and everything back home in time for an early afternoon nap!

Thank you God for my retirement…and please watch over my retirement fund!

Tomorrow, we plan to vote early!


~Fathairybastard~ said...

That's the life, fer sure. We're gonna vote early too, but I've got no plans to get the shot. I always come down with something if I do. Seems like that anyway.

Byron Chesney said...

Dadgum! I've got 20 more years till I relish in retirement. I could go for one of them Gridiron burgers bout right now though!

Mushy said...

FHB - It's all coincidence man...get the shot! The vaccine of today is different than it used to be.

Bryron - Get on down there man...they're great! Get the half fries, half onion ring combo!

BRUNO said...

I got my shot two weeks ago, already---which probably means it should wear-off about the middle of January, so's I can STILL get sick with the best of 'em...!

catscratch said...

I think you guys have a blast and deserve every minute of it!!!

Suldog said...

Well, man, that just sounds like a good ol' time! Good food, naps, Mom, pig ears - what more could you ask for?

Sandi McBride said...

Oh yes, Mushy...retirement is everything I thought it would be. It became complete the day Mac put his Navy hat from the Antietam on to go to the garden and didn't worry about it getting dirty and I packed up the scanner and didn't worry that they were "blue lights and sirens" and I wasn't in on the chase...yes, retirement is good...but yours sounds a bit tastier, lol!

pat houseworth said...

Worked for over 20 years at the Health Department where we were offered "free flu shots" NEVER GOT ONE....even though I worked in the "business" I know they were iffy at best.

Goes back to the Air Force Cop days, when in upstate NY{Griffis} got a flu shot one morning, had a reaction and fell asleep on post....lucky I had a good lawyer, because TSgt Gomez hated my guts and wanted to bust my ass down Airman.....but I beat the rap, never would get the fall shot after that.