Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My daughter Tracy had a hysterectomy Tuesday, and so Judy and I drove separately to the hospital. Judy knew Tracy would want her to spend the night with her, so that way I had a way home.

Of course Eddie, my son-in-law, was there, and so was Katie Bug and Zack, her “current boyfriend.

Katie and Zack passed the time, about four to five hours waiting on a room after the 15-minute procedure, texting friends at school and comparing photos on their cell phones. I snapped this one as they mused over something interesting.

You can see Zack’s bum left leg from his recent truck wreck. I think he said he had a total of 42 staples in the leg in various places. He broke two bones and his ankle, and had to have a rod inserted to hold things together! He cannot get a “hard” cast until the staples are removed! As you might assume, he had a hard time getting around Tuesday, and especially getting in and out of Judy’s car when we went to eat, and my truck when I took them home with me later.

Please pray for Zack’s family too…his dad is battling cancer right now. That, plus the accident, missing school, and trying to maneuver is weighing pretty heavy on him right now.

The Chinese buffet at the Mandarin House, in Knoxville, Tennessee, took everyone’s mind off their problems for about an hour. The food was good, but it has been better there in the past.

We did notice that the parking lot was not a full as it usually is, but we were there well after the lunch hour.

The kids, and I, passed the time waiting on Eddie to get home from working late by watching scary movies – Jeepers Creepers and the most recent Omen! Then when Eddie came, they just left me here in this lonely house to fend for myself!

I stayed up until about 12:30 and then went to bed. I slept like a baby and didn’t get bothered by a single (or even a married) monster!

This morning I was up by 9, fixing fried Spam, eggs, and toast! Yep, Spam, and later I finished off the small can by fixing a great sandwich that included cheese and sweet pickles! I didn’t get to looking this way by accident!

After all that, I decided to go for a walk around Riverfront Park a time or two, and then drove around Harriman shooting photos of the brilliant maple trees along the streets, at the Harriman Cemetery, and, of course, in the backyard.

Oh yeah, I also talked to FHB for a short time. I pulled over and turned the engine off, 'cause we had some catching up to do!

Right now, I’m completely relaxed, full, and over the surgery waiting room exercise from yesterday.

Happy fall folks!


Chuck said...

Hope all is well with your daughter.

I had heard that Mandarin House had gone down hill over the years. Damn, that place used to be THE place for Chinese buffet. I can remember going there (the one on Merchant's Road) and it being such a big deal back in the day.

The fall colors up there look beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

AirmanMom said...

My prayers for a speedy recovery to your daughter!
Your Autumn shots are magnificent, thanks for sharing!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Ralph said...

Hope all is well with your daughter we will keep your family and Zack's family in out thoughts and prayers.
On another note, I can't remember the last time I ate a slice of spam.

Mushy said...

Thanks everyone...the thoughts and prayers, and comments, are appreciated.

pat houseworth said...

Best and prayers to all of your close "folks"...and damn those Tree Colors got ours beat all to Hell, of course it's a little past prime here in West Ohio.

But they are nice!

Mushy said...

Thanks Pat...the drought and the recent frost have just about done them in for this year.

Saw a deer (often more than one) grazing just this side of the Azalea bushes yesterday. I love my backyard!

Jerry said...

Prayers going out to your daughter.

Tennessee is very beautiful in the fall. Just got back from the blogmeet there.

Shrinky said...

Sending healing thoughts out for Tracy and Zack, to his dad too of course, so sorry to hear of his trouble, that's a rotten business.

I love the colours on those Maples. The seasons they are a changing, eh?

I have a night of scary movies ahead for tomorrow night. The girls have invited a squad of kids over (don't know which prospect scares me the most!) Hugs.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

I sure did enjoy that phone call! We should do that more often. I hope the kids leg heals and he doesn't have lasting issues. I've seen that happen before. And you know I love the Chinese food. Mmmm, good! And I already commented on your beautiful pictures over at FlickR. Cheers brutha.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

And Jeepers Creepers ia Fucked up! Scared the piss out of me when I saw it the first time. The scene where they're tryin' to run the thing over and their clutch goes out. Sheeeit!

Mushy said...

Thanks Jerry and Shrinky...sure have missed your comments.

I wish you (FHB) lived closer...miss talking to you and sharing the back porch like I just did with Judy. The view is spectacular, as you can see, but very special with sound!

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Thoughts and prayers headed your way from Texas. Hard times only make the good time better. And damn, everytime I read your blog or Pat's, I get munchies. Read yours and walked over to McDonalds for a late breakfast. Ha. Best to all

Carol said...

Many healing prayers for your daughter, and for Zack's Dad. That stinks! The photos are just beautiful. Is that your home?? It's absolutely beautiful, Mush!

Mushy said...

Only the backyard is mine, the others are around Harriman, Tennessee.

*Goddess* said...

You certainly have a beautiful view in the backyard. It's simple things like that makes you really appreciate all you have;)