Thursday, October 16, 2008


This week’s road-trip (10/10) with Ron and Neena was to Maryville (pronounced Murville locally), Tennessee and the annual “Foothills Fall Festival”!

Judy and I had been sick with some virus that took us down for a couple of days, but we decided getting out on such a beautiful Friday might make us feel better. Generally speaking, it did do us wonders, even though Judy is still moving kind of slow. She was sure glad to get back home and lay down for a few minutes.

As usual, at these kinds of things, the women folk straggle behind, touching and feeling jewelry at the first kiosk we come to, or smelling a bunch of candles, while Ron and I wonder slowly on ahead looking for a pub!

We did try to get into the shopping/trading mood, but men can generally see from a full 20 feet if there is anything worth second looks, and more importantly, parting with their money.

We walked by the cooking “kettle corn” and “BBQ chicken grills” smelling the delicious aromas wafting in our direction. We even wondered into the old Capitol Theater, mostly to see if they sold beer, and toured the remodeled auditorium and automated restroom! There was an automated paper towel dispenser and the trash can lid opened with a touch of a button. There was even a ultra-violet light shining down from the head of the water tap, and through the water flow; to help kill germs I suppose!

As we walked on, we went by this guy playing mountain tunes using a SPAM can! He had other homemade, dulcimer like instruments made out of beer cans too.

A cop watched us from his Segway, especially after I took a picture of his buddies, as they stood talking over the handlebars of their bicycles, in the middle of the street. I sent copies on to Goddess!

Finally, we stumbled upon Brackins!

I have a friend, Robert, who often plays Brackins Blues Club with one of his blues bands, so I had long wanted to visit the bar and get photos for my “bar shots” on Flickr. I quickly got that out of the way and ordered a frothy Guinness! Ron stuck with his new favorite Flat Tire. NOTE: If you enlarge this shot of the bar, you will see they are among the few that stock and serve George Dickel. They get an "A" in book!

We held it to one each, knowing that there would be more to come over lunch at Aubrey’s!

As we walked the street, looking to hook up again with the Dragons, we noticed an artsy use for old license plates and some young girl collecting money for the local humane society by letting you put a dollar in the collar of her cute doggie. That wasn’t exactly the way we wanted to use our dollars, so we moved on!

Lots more shots posted on FLICKR!


catscratch said...

I was down there on Saturday for a little bit. I love all the fall festivals!

I always get sucked into the cutsie foo foo kiosks too! But me being me, I ususally end up at a pub... most ususally.

David Sullivan said...

Fall festivals are the best...good food...good beer...excellent!

BRUNO said...

Cops on segways---I'd pay five-dollars to watch a high-speed persuit!

Wonder how they'd take you in? Maybe Taze ya', and do a "fireman's carry"?

A JOKE, boy! It was a JOKE...!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Hilarious Bruno! Maybe they could cary a rope and lasoo ya as you run off. Yea, all our society needs is another thing to keep us from walkin' and burnin' calories.

having said that, they are kinds cool.

Great shots brutha, and sounds like a great time. Hope the little woman is feelin' better by now, and yer mom too.

Jerry said...

I wanna be you when I grow up. You guys seem to have the best time.

Enjoy, Man!

pat houseworth said...

Love fall and fall festivals, we are slowly sliding that way in Ohio, after a HOT September and early October.

phlegmfatale said...

Diet, had a can of slimfast for dinner.

Now I'm maddened by the thought of what that stuff on teh grill must have smelled like. Om nom nom!

*Goddess* said...

And I've been giggling my ass off ever since I saw those Segway cops:)

Cool license plate pic.

Sandi McBride said...

Yeah, I want to know what Judy bought and Mac wants to know where that bar is located...clues? I'm playing catch up here and it has been well worth the time!

Mushy said...

Sandi - I think she bought a couple of scented candles, and the bar is right on Broadway in Maryville!