MUSHY'S MOOCHINGS: LEISURELY LUNCH - Calhoun’s At the Marina, Lenoir City

Friday, September 05, 2008

LEISURELY LUNCH - Calhoun’s At the Marina, Lenoir City

Neena and Ron met Judy and me for the wonderful lunch buffet at Calhoun’s today.

They have a wonderful assortment of tasty food on Wednesday and Friday each week. For $12, including the tip, it’s all you can eat of fresh vegetables (white and green beans, yellow corn, fried okra, carrots, cheese and cauliflower, mac’n cheese, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes, and more), breads (sweet rolls and cornbread), fried catfish, chicken strips, fried chicken livers, and pulled BBQ. Sometimes there will be ribs!

Of course there are the usual condiments (honey mustard and tarter), and coleslaw!

Today there were chocolate chip cookies, or you could have all kinds of fruit, and cottage cheese.

Back at the table, the waitress keeps the glasses filled with un-sweet tea and water.

While we ate, we discussed upcoming plans to spend 3 or 4 nights in a cabin in Big South Fork, and of course, what we were going to eat then!

Out the window, we watched as boats entered and left the marina area, the geese and ducks caucusing along the bank, and schools of tiny minnows darting in and out from under the floating piers.

I saw this unique looking “houseboat” tied up opposite the restaurant, so I stopped by as we left to get a closer shot. It looked like on of those European canal boats to me (a smaller version of one of these), but it was a lovely thing and in tip top shape. The name on the side was Amalla. She was tied up at the visiting dock, so I’m assuming the owner was just passing through, on his way to who knows where.

If you haven’t, you should visit Calhoun’s at the Marina in Lenoir City, Tennessee sometime for lunch. Or, visit either the indoor or outdoor bar sometime for great fun. I’m sure it’s hopping on the weekend too! Who knows, you may even be invited over to a party on one of the resident houseboats under the big shed!

If you prefer a quieter time, then sit by the peaceful Fort Loudon Lake waters, held back by the Fort Loudon Dam, and just watch the wildlife play.


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

You lost me while describing all of that food, dang it made me want some catfish and cornbread. Sounds like ya'll are having a wonderful time, enjoy.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

That place was wonderful last year. The food is just as you describer. Which reminds me, how's that fancy coleslaw diet going? Ha, nevermind.

Chuck said...

I didn't know Calhoun's had a lunch buffet. Is that something new? They do it at all the locations? Damn, that looks gooood!

Mushy said...

No, Chuck, I think this is unique to the one in Lenoir City.

pat houseworth said...

Gotta stop looking at those "food" shots...I'm down 8 pounds, and need to drop another 15 before the Holiday meal season is upon us.

BRUNO said...

I'll stick with the Fort Louden dam! I like peace and quiet---occasionally!

Sassy said...

Oh Mushy, that looks so good. Now I'm craving some catfish. LOL

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

So Mushy...with all this fine food and drink you always post come you don't weigh about a million pounds?!?!? HAHAHA!!!

Mushy said...

Oh, but I do...I just carry it well!

Don't you just hate it when folks tell you that!

david mcmahon said...

Okay, I'll set the GPS and meet you there, Sir Mushy!

Popsted some picture of Diamond Tooth Gertie's - would love to know what you think ....