Thursday, September 11, 2008


Neither had I, until Ron and I decided to make that today’s “boy’s day out” destination!

Yes, another day on our own, while Judy, Neena, and Terri went their own way shopping and to eat at Gridiron Burgers. Ron and I will report on that someday soon!

Anyway, after walking around Gander Mountain, looking at what was on sale, picking up a couple of rifles (M1A, M-16, Mini-14, etc.), pointing out a 1911 or two, and then standing in the kayak area talking to Ron’s buddy that works in that department, we made our way on to Abuelo’s in the Turkey Creek area of West Knoxville.

I am used to walking in and instantly recognizing a place as a Mexican restaurant, but Abuelo’s is different…it looks fancy! Oh, it has a Mexican theme, it’s just more upscale than what I’ve been used to! Even the music playing in the background was not just some regular mariachi band, but some great band music accompanying some more modern sounding singers! I even got into a couple of them and one or two sounded like Mexican rock!

The adobe colored walls were broken by big white arches and columns, and accented with very dark molding and trim. The bar continued the dark wood theme, with large mirrors, a dark green granite looking bar, and matching tufted green leather topped bar stools.

The booths were plush with matching green seats and dark paisley designed back rests.

We ordered two large Dos Equis drafts from the lovely waitress and we were off!

I scanned the menu and knew immediately that this was going to be a wonderful taste experience. The items on the menu had more traditional names and beautiful photos of the selections.

Soon, we were ordering our second draft and placing our lunch orders.

Ron ordered The Monterrey from the “combinations” section of the menu, while I picked the Stuffed Chicken Medallions from the “senior” menu! Don’t laugh…it was great…look at it! It was wonderful!

Medallions of chicken breast were stuffed with chorizo, Poblano and cheese, and then lightly fried to perfection. It is served with refried beans and your choice of Papas con Chile™ or Mexican rice. I chose the rice!

Ron’s fare included a sour cream chicken enchilada, an avocado enchilada, a spinach enchilada, a chicken ranchera enchilada, a cheese chile relleno, and a crispy chicken taco and guacamole!

I took a photo with Ron’s hand showing for scale…it was huge, and he took some home!

We’ve decided that the next full family gathering should be at Abuelo’s!


BRUNO said...

This just in: "Maalox antacid stocks rise sharply in response to Mushy's dining experience at an interestingly-different type of Mexican restaurant..."

Sassy said...

That looks so good. I don't think we have any great Mexican restaurants like that around here. The one's we do have are ok.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

OK brutha, put that fuckin' place on the list for next year. Damn!

Chuck said...

I saw that joint last time I was cruising through Turkey Creek, but we didn't stop for lunch. Looks good. Will have to check them out when I'm up there again next month for the Bama game.

Jerry said...

We've got an Abuelo's about 15 minutes away in Indy. I've also eaten at the one in Tulsa, and one in Oklahoma City.

Scott from Oregon said...

You keep ruining my diet in my mind...

catscratch said...

Muy delicioso. We go there alot.

Shrinky said...

Oh boy, just bag me up Ron's left overs, that'll do for me!

pat houseworth said...

Never been to one, but that place has "atmosphere" looks great.