MUSHY'S MOOCHINGS: Whiskey Scars, Bobby Bare Jr., and Son Volt

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Whiskey Scars, Bobby Bare Jr., and Son Volt

Tuesday night was terrific…Ron and Paul on the town again!

It’s good to be retired and out on the town…not having to worry about “tomorrow is a work day!” God, I hated that and am so thankful things worked out so that I have this free time. Time to enjoy my favorite’s in concert even during the week! All the free time I can stand right up until the end of my time.

We hit the ground running, charging up the hill from the parking garage to the back door of the Downtown Grill & Brewery and into the restroom. The twenty minute ride into Knoxville is sometimes uncomfortable with bladder urges in check until the last step before the porcelain bowl, and you almost think you’re going to lose it before the horse is out of the barn!

We passed on through the Brewery and out on Gay Street and headed for The Old City and The Crown & Goose. We looked over the menu, but decided to get a sampler each of their most popular micro-brews!

Having sampled the beer, surveyed the waitresses, and taken a few snaps, we were off in reverse direction to the Brewery. We took the high-top table nearest the door, ordered White Mule and Downtown Alt (for me), and watched the evening’s dinner traffic come and go. Ron ordered their famous burger and I sampled the “fish & chips” and washed it down with two more micro-brews! Mighty tasty grub!

We then made our way over a block to Market Square, where we intend to take in Robert Earl Keen with Jypsi next week at the Farmer’s Market.

We decided to have a Sierra Nevada and a Yuengling at the Preservation Pub before making our way on to the Bijou Theatre, and enjoying our evening with Bobby Bare, Jr. and Son Volt! You’ll notice I took a bar shot and a couple from the bathroom! Ron said, when I finally came out of the restroom, “I was wondering what was taking you so long when I saw the flashes coming from under the door!”

The walls of the pub was also festooned with hilarious photo art with words of wisdom from little known’s like “Whiskey Scars” to Tom Waits!

I took a few existing light shots of the bands to post, and one three shot merge I made of the inside of the refurbished theater. It is about a third the size of the Tennessee Theatre, but a beautiful place just right for small bands to spread their early wings. Don’t laugh at the name Bobby Bare Jr. either, because Ron and I were wonderfully surprised at the great music they presented to us. The band is made up of all Tennesseans, Bobby, of course, the son of Bobby Bare Sr., lives in Nashville, the horn section was from Oak Ridge, the drummer was from Mt. Juliet, and the bassist was from Kingsport - just hometown boys, and one girl, doing well!


Buck said...

We passed on through the Brewery and out on Gay Street...

Waitaminnit... I thought you said you were in Knoxville, not SFO? ;-)

The Bijou looks like a GREAT venue, small, intimate, and all that. Ya get the BEST shows in places like that. Or pubs.

Chris said...

You spend more time out and about in Knoxville than I do....I resent you retired folk :)

Mushy said...

Buck - I knew that would get a comment or two when I wrote it! But, Gay Street is in Knoxville!

Chris - Just showing you young whipper-snappers how it's done, and what you got to look forward to!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Well shit, what about Son Volt? Aaaah, part two coming up no doubt.

Loved the shit house wisdom, and loved getting the call. Don't ever hesitate to get royally fucked up and give me a ring. I'll always stop whatever I'm doin' for that.

Really envy your hard won freedom. Rush is playin' a concert in Austin tonight as I type this and, of course, I'm here in friggin' class (between classes - always professional).

When I got home last night I tried to remember the name of the guy you said you saw (Bare) but I couldn't for the life of me. Now I'll have to look him up. Sounds like the sort of band that will need to make a run through Austin one of these days.

Great post dude.

Mushy said...

Goddess - Thanks for noticing my stupidity "booby" Bare! Ha...spell check sucks!

Jeff - Son Volt is the shot at bottom right...and that's all they get.

Jerry said...

Dang Mushy,

When I retire, I wanna be YOU. Y'all are having way too much fun!

BTW, I've seen Rbt Earl Keen twice. He's great!

Shrinky said...

has nobody ever told you you can land yourself in a heap of trouble taking flash photography in strange public lavatories? (Sheesh)!

Awww Mushy, you sure are living the dream, my friend, what can I say?

pat houseworth said...

Always wanted to tell you Mushy, the colors on your indoor photos are outstanding....what do you use again?


Hammer said...

Looks like a blast. Robert Earl Keen is one of my favorites.

Mushy said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments.

Pat - I have a pocket Nikon CoolPix S7C. I got rid of all my SLR gear, stick this in my pocket, and it's ready almost instantly!

The concert shots are existing light, and tweaked with Photoshop by removing "color cast" You just click on something in the shot that's supposed to be white or black and it averages out all the other colors. I try to buy tickets with a rail in front of me to steady the camera on.

Scott from Oregon said...

I am a little shocked that Sierra Nevada is sold back that way. It is made in a small college town in Northern California. We west coasters use it as the standard bearer for Pale Ales. Not the "best one", just the one we compare everything else to.

"Sweeter than a Sierra", for example...

Lin said...

The Bijou is GORGEOUS! And I got some more ideas for my saloon, too.

It struck me funny that Ron caught you flashing in the bathroom.

Les Becker said...

"We hit the ground running, charging up the hill from the parking garage to the back door of the Downtown Grill & Brewery and into the restroom...."

Mushy, the visions you put in my head! God, I'm glad my waitressing days are over. :-)

Nice shots!

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

FYI: Sierra Nevada Beer has all growed up! I think it is found pretty much everywhere on earth now! :) Check out the website!