Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It has been a day of “ouches”!

Today was another day we cleaned the house for the “Maids 4U” gals to come tomorrow. I changed my bed and washed the sheets, remade the bed, took off all the garbage, got cleaned up, and went to visit “my boy” Ron at Park West Hospital.

It appears Ron may actually get out tomorrow, but by Thursday for sure. He still has a couple of tubes sticking in him, but nothing serious, just those that feed him, keep him pain free, and the one that allows him to stay in bed (if you know what I mean). I asked how that was going in, but luckily he does not remember. Unfortunately, he will remember it coming out! Ouch!


He also described the pain he has been in up until today. Besides an epidural drip, he asked for ol’ “sister morphine” every few hours. However, today, after the removal of the drainage tube in his side, he is relatively pain free, and is able to blow up the respirator gadget (you know, the one with the little hose and the ball that jumps up and down) to 1000 cc without much pain. The pain had cut that capacity in half!

I then came home and found the last 1099R Form I needed in order to finish filing my taxes. Ouch, I owe $833!

I do my taxes each year online, so I have e-filed the sucker and set the payment NOT to be made until April the 10th! I had to pay, so they can wait!

I told Ron you guys have been pulling for him and he sends his thanks!

And finally this OUCH:

#1 Memphis vs #2 Tennessee tickets, lowest level, lowest row - $4000!

Reply to: see below
Date: 2008-02-15, 6:36PM CST

Incredible seats!!!!! So close you can hear what the players are saying!!!!!! First row just behind the 2 rows of fold-up seats on floor. Hostess service available. Parking pass offered as well!

Yep, Tennessee (23-2) is at Memphis (25-0) on Saturday night!


Anonymous said...

Make thr revenooers wait I do every year and begrudge them every penny...:))))

~Fathairybastard~ said...

You wanna pay 4 grand to watch a friggin' sports event, and a COLLEGE sports event, and then complain about an $800 tax bill? Dude, those tickets are like a $4000 tax bill for bein' crazy and havin' toooo much money. Ok, are these chicks gonna be nekkid? Weeeellll, that's different.

Mushy said...

No, no...I ain't buying the tickets...they are just for sale! I was planning to borrow the money for the taxes from you!

Jeni said...

Glad to hear Ron is coming along nicely there! The thing I hated the most with the surgeries I had was having to wait 3-4 days before they would even let me have a cup of coffee, much less food! I never prayed so hard for some flatulence as I did then!

Suldog said...

Good for Ron! I fear your Vols may not do as well, but I will be rooting for you.

pat houseworth said...

Wait until the last minute if you owe....send them in as fast as possible if yer gittin something back.

Besides, if you owe and wait until April 15th, there's always a chance of kicking the bucket, and screwing them!


Buck said...

Unfortunately, he will remember it coming out! Ouch!

I've had that experience and was awake for both the beginning and the end. The beginning was definitely traumatic; words fail me in that regard. And the end wasn't anything NEAR an "ouch." It was one of the biggest "Ahhhhs" I've ever uttered, bar none.

Just sayin'... ;-)

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Well, I'm supposed to get about $1300 back this year, and then that $600 give back some time in Marh, so maybe we'll talk. About $700 of it is set aside for that new Carbine that's in the mail, headed my way. Maybe I'll bring it this summer and let you play with it.

Catmoves said...

$4,000 for a ticket to a sporting show? Not even pro?
TV would have to do me. Good luck to your gang, Mushy.
And good luck to Ron, too.
What's that old song? "It only hurts for a little while"?

Lin said...

Wow, someone is really going to shell out $4K for a seat? I'm thinking about all the neat toys you could buy with that, ones that would be around long after the game is over.

Way ta go, Ron, home soon!

Jose said...

Let me echo you. OUCH!

lime said...

thanks for stopping by my place...ya know i never thought about that title drawing certain searches...eeek!

best wishes to ron, i scrolled back and read why he was in the hospital to begin with. big ouch! and hopefully that payment on april 10 doesn't require heavy drugs to cope with the pain, though i'd understand if it did.

BRUNO said...

Damn! Halfway through the latest of the "ice-wars", and I still have power!!!

Indeed, just when you think your day can't get any worse---you get the "word" from the tax-man! And I like the April 10th routine, kinda like the famous T-shirt phrase: "The Last Great Act Of Defiance"!

Makes me proud to admit I still rank as "redneck white-trash", when it comes to the overall income game...!

Mushy said...

If I can ever get the withholding straightened out...I think we'll be okay from then on!

It was actually worse last year and I thought we had it figured out, but it's back to the drawing board.

Dixie said...


Now you know that I'm a HUGE Volunteer Football fan... ain't nothing no better...have been since the Johnny Majors era

However, I'm also a GYNORMOUS Memphis Tigers Basketball fan. Always have been... since the Dana Kirk era...

That's the way it has always been in our family....going way back to my grandfather... so with that being said...


Mushy said...

So Dixie, you going to buy those tickets?!

Becky said...

I only owe about $250 this year but I got a raise in December, so I better figure out what to do for next year. Glad to hear that Ron is home and doing well (I just caught up to the post where he made it out of surgery).