Saturday, February 09, 2008


Corey called to say he needed a make day for missing getting together Tuesday, so we made a date for Saturday. You remember I was with my mom and he had to take Lily back to the doctor, so we agreed Saturday was the perfect time. So, I called Ron and Steve and invited them to go.

Ron declined, he is afraid he will catch the flu or worse and he has surgery next Friday. So, he is lying low at home. Remember to pray for him on Friday around 10!

Steve accepted the invitation and met us at Gander Mountain where we soon found all the neat stuff we wanted. Corey was eying the Browning Silver Hunter, or something similar, when not on his cell with Doug in Memphis! I wanted a shot glass checker set…for what I don’t know, but it was neat! Steve wanted some .117 ammo, but since the price of ammo, due to the current price of lead, is getting sky high, he put the boxes back!

Then we all spied and wanted the Toyota FJ Cruiser they had set up with a dream “truck camping” package. There was a large awning off the driver side and underneath was a huge cot holding up an air mattress and a -35 degree sleeping bag. Surrounding the canopy area was a propane night light and smoker. Off the tailgate was a full size gas grill, while on top, with a ladder leading up from the passenger side, was a two man tent!

Inside, you could sleep at least two more! There were six huge fog lights, and two spots off the mirrors on the front. Enough light power to light up a small runway, or burn its way through a New England fog bank!

This set up looked perfect and only a mere $36K!

However, reality set in and so we made our way on to the Wild Wings Café!

Everything was good. We decided not to get wings, but instead experiment with the menu. Corey opted for the turkey wrap and chicken nuggets, Steve selected the chicken feathers, and I dove in on the slammers and HUGE onion rings! Got to get back on that diet Monday!

We washed it all down with good beer and lots of tea and just sat there grinning - enjoying the time!

Even though we were a couple of Knights short, it was good to get out, expose ourselves to the flu and other viruses that seem to be raging through the area. Several schools in the area are closed due to all the illnesses, and with the hospital and ER visits we’ve all made recently, we have a good chance of catching something!

Saturday is just alright anytime and so, here’s to you! Cheers!


*Goddess* said...

Between your big onion rings and FHB's bloomin' onions, you're killing me!! BTW, what are slammers? They look like cheeseburgers...

Mushy said...

They look like Krystal's!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I used to stop at a BWW 3-4 times a week after work. They had great specials, super food, and killer TV's. The one by me now just isn't the same.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

That looks like a great time. Gander Mtn. is a fun place to wander around. And the food looks wonderful. Glad everyones feeling better.

BRUNO said...

I hafta stay away from places like Ganders Mtn., and Bass-Pro---I'm too prone to impulse and temptation...!

Les Becker said...

I took the girls out to eat last night just so I could get a beer. Now that it's all over, I'm wishing I had all that money back!

Those meals look really good too, though, Mushy. I may have to run right back to my favourite restaurant again tonight, now.

Jose said...

Sounds like a fun outing, hope you didn't catch that flu bug that seems to be going on everywhere.

pat houseworth said...

Love those food shots Mushy...but I've got to lose 15 lbs before my Baseball umpire season begins in March....I can look, but not touch!

Lin said...

The foodie pics are bad enough but now you have to show that you're in range of a Gander Mountain? Go ahead, you might as well - 'fess up to Bass Pro and Cabelas next.

Ron at 10 EST on Friday - you got it!

Mushy said...

Lin - There is a Bass Pro about 40 miles north, just before Dollywood!