Thursday, February 14, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, Ron and I took the Dragons to the Smoky Mountain Brewery for lunch, and it turned into a beer fest for the two of us. Judy and Neena wanted to do some girly shopping, so Ron and I grabbed the opportunity to keep on keeping on!

Friday (2/15) is the day Ron has his lung surgery, please remember him. So, this was our last time at knocking back a few together for awhile. I enjoyed seeing him relax and enjoy himself.

Anyway, after the girls left in one vehicle, we walked across the parking lot to the Irish Times Pub and ordered black & tans for dessert! I immediately, being the boozer I am, noticed that the glasses were not normal size. Finally, I could not stand it and had to ask the bar-lady…”Whazup with these small glasses?”

Oh, we ran out of the larger Guinness glasses.”

Well, are these the same price,” I asked?

Uh, well, uh, I’m not sure,” she said with eyes looking toward the top of the bar.

Well, we were thinking about a second one, so we’d like to know.”

Pretty soon the manager was standing by my stool and began explaining, in his heavy Irish brogue, that customers were in the habit of stealing the larger Guinness glasses and they were left with very few. Further,” he continued, “My shipment of large glasses has not arrived.” He then said he was sorry and walked away.

Ron asked me if he ever answered my question and before I could answer him, the nice lady behind the bar sat two new B&Ts in front of us in the larger glasses. On the house,” she said!

From that point on it did not matter!

After slowly enjoying the second one, we decided to go back across the parking lot to the Brewery. Why? Just for the change of scenery I suppose!

There we ordered the sampler and two pale ales. That’s when I noticed the “Free Beer Tomorrow” sign on the wall. I turned to tell Ron just as the joke of it hit me. We had a good laugh over my slowness and continued to mix our own black and tans using the 3-beer sampler of Tuckaleechee! Porter!

All too soon the ladies arrived to drive us home!

Remember…good thoughts for Ron Friday!


Hammer said...

The smartest thing anyone ever did is learn to put a beer next to shopping.

pat houseworth said...

Unlike the 60s post...this is one thing we can all agree on....good beer(and a good cigar).....I am having a cold one as I type.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Golden Words.."On the House"....:)))

Mushy said...

Just back for a Valentine's night out with all the Dragons and Knights, except for Ron and Neena.

Well be there at 8 sharp tomorrow morning!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

I'll remember brother.

Went to applebees for lunch today and ordered a heiffeweiss(sp). It arrived with a slice of LIME in it. I was like, uh, I don't think so. Major difference in taste.

Mushy said...

I had Blue Moon tonight at 2 for 1 three times!

Lin said...

Great deal with the 'on the house', Mushy. Good thing you asked the question.

I'll have Ron in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow, too!

Buck said...

Your pics just sent me to the fridge, ya know. (But I'd been in there before I got here. The post was just positive reenforcement.)

Ron will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow, as well.

OldGuy said...

Damn. now I'm thirsty. How about sending one of those my way !

pat houseworth said...

Ron is in my prayers this morning.

Suldog said...

Saying a prayer for Ron right now.

Jose said...

First and foremose know that Ron's is in my thoughts, I hope all is going well and that him and you will be bar hopping soon enough. Now I feel like going for a cold one, good post Mushy.

Mushy said...


RON came through fine...he arrived at 8am and went into surgery at 1pm and was taken to recovery at's been an 11 hour day, but he is fine. They may not have to do any chemo!

Lin said...

Hurray for Ron!!!

Must have been one long day for all of you. Thanks for the update, Mushy

Mark Steel said...

*thumbs up*

Now a little recovery, and we gotta hit that place.