Thursday, February 21, 2008


I wasn’t going to post this, but I was sitting here looking back through photos and I came across these shots I took at Angelos’ The Brick Oven Pizzeria about a week ago, and now I’m so hungry I could eat a horse…if it was cooked and put on a pizza!

The Brick Oven is located in Lenoir City, Tennessee, Hwy 321, in the former location of Altrudas, directly in front of Home Depot!

Judy and I just happened upon this place after one for her brace tightening appointments. She was as hungry as I was, but needed something she could chew off easily with the pink and red braces she had just had refitted. The first thing I saw was their sign and the word “pizzeria,” which to me meant beer!

The place was cozy, with a cheerful staff of young ladies, one of which you can see trying to keep a low profile behind the bar! My kind of people and bar!

Judy ordered the lasagna and I anxiously awaited the personal pan “meat madness” pizza! A tall cold Killian’s helped pass the time!

Turns out the portions are more than enough – we both took half our orders home and enjoyed them a second time the next day for lunch. It has to be a good sized “personal pan pizza” for me to take some home!

The other pleasing thing was the price…the total tab for everything was $20! That must have been the reason for all the families coming and going. It is a must place to eat!

I have a special section of photos in Flickr called “Bars I’ve Visited” and so I had to take a shot of the little bar before leaving. Just as I snapped the photo one of the lively young waitresses jumped into the photo. I love it when people act alive and friendly, so I regret not getting her name.

Snapping pictures of my food always gets the attention of the staff, if not the patrons near my table, and always embarrasses whoever is dinning with me. Invariably someone will ask me about the photos and if everything is alright, and I’ll tell them that I’m a food critic for the News Sentinel in Knoxville, followed by a “just kiddin’”, but somehow they never seem to believe that I’m not! I do seem to get good service once I’ve gotten their attention with the flash!

Often times I will give the waiter/waitress a “Mushy’s Moochings” “blogness card” and tell them to look it up on line! It’s loads of fun even if they snicker at me behind my back!

Next time you go out, take a few snaps and make a few notes, and see if you don’t get better service!


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Sounds great! They have a variety of deep dish pizzas at BJs that I'm dyin' to try, so I'll have to take the camera when we go back there this weekend and annoy denise, and give them some more publicity.

There's a brick oven place in Austin that's pretty famous. Maybe part of the same chain. Went there once with a buddy after goin' to a gun show and was surprised to find that they weren't open yet. Ended up doin' Chinese in stead.

There's a great pizza place here in Killeen called Pizza Palace. Looks like a dive, but they have great pizza, maybe the best in town, and have good beer (but not a great selection) and a nice selection of music on the juke box. My favorite thing there is a double, all meat, cheese and peppers, like two pizzas stacked on one another. I go over and grab Denise from her office and we hit that place about once every two weeks or so for lunch. Nothin' like good pizza.

Mushy said...

Did I take you to Big Ed's when you were have to go.

Buck said...

That's a great pic of the waitress behind the bar. I love people who obviously love their work!

Suldog said...

Agh! Torture!

(I gave up both dairy and flour for Lent. I would love to just dive into those pictures and start eating.)

Catmoves said...

Ya got me droolin' Mushy. As soon's Wild Things well enough, we'll be heading off for pizza.

Michele said...

Good lookin' pizza!! There have been times I wished for my camera while dining out; some things just can't be described with words!! *L*

*Goddess* said...

MUST YOU post these pizza pictures?! I always find them when I'm STARVING!! And I HEART PIZZA!!!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm starving!!!

Lin said...

You old fox, Mush, you have blog cards? Wot a great idea, even better if the service kicks up a notch!

Nothing make my outing better than being able to troll the fridge for dragon bag leftovers the next day. That was a find!