Sunday, January 27, 2008


It was Steve (burgundy t-shirt with Dragon wife Terri in green) that first dubbed the Poland sistersTHE DRAGONS!” I think the first time I heard him use that term was when they lived in Nashville. My wife Judy, the second oldest Dragon, and Terri had gone to visit their brother in Atlanta leaving Steve and I to shoot pool, listen to music, and drink beer and discuss religion (the very best night I remember ever sharing with him). Upon their return a day later, and upon hearing a car door slam, he remarked “The Dragons are here! Ever since then the five sisters have been the Dragons to us Knights!

This shot of the Dragons (l to r: Charlotte, Judy, Neena, & Terri) was taken Saturday evening at one of our local Mexican food restaurants. Missing is Dragon Linda and husband Noel.

As usual, they always insist on a “clutch” shot of the Dragons for posterity, and normally wear something matching signifying their “weir”! I got the terms, “wing”, “clutch”, and “weir” from a form discussion on what to call more than one dragon. It sounded definitive to me.

Last night it was the dragon talisman one of them discovered on one of your family trips. In the past they have had matching t-shirts.

I also used “wing” in the post title because it properly defines dragons that are out for a fight, and these Dragons normally are. They will pick at each other, teasing about clothes and makeup, or something silly said, but as soon as a Knight makes a similar comment the “wing” is upon him!

Steve and I clicked away taking the group shots and then the obligatory couple shots, annoying everyone sitting around us. Included here is a shot of Neena and Ron (he in blue and she in red), Charlotte and Gary (she in purple and he in white), and of course, yours truly with wife Judy (in pink)!

The food was wonderful and so were the large Dos Equis drafts!

You can tell the drafts were going down well from the shot of what appeared to be, from our light buzzed heads, a little man peeking out from under Charlotte’s jacket!

Ron and Neena, of course, were unwinding from Ron’s latest test, a bone scan, and weeks of worrying about his prognosis. It seems it has come down to a small incision and no chemo. We thank God for this outcome and continue to pray that the treatment plan does not change.

Just about everyone else has been watching what they eat since Christmas, so we “pigged out” and “porked up”! Life is good!


Buck said...

Good news about Ron. I hope it sticks.

The pendant your ladies are wearing looks Welsh . Is it/are they?

Les Becker said...

Great post! I love knowing how The Dragons got their name... I like nicknaming and "re"-naming, myself, in case you hadn't noticed on my blog, and I always thought it was the coolest thing that you had a clutch of Dragons to brag about.

Mushy said...

Buck - They were Poland's, but even though we've teased them at times, it's very English. It may be, but I doubt they are!

Les - We piss and moan at times, but yes, we are very proud of our Dragons.

BRUNO said...

The Dragons should order-up some of those satin-finish "award-jackets", with their official crest on the back, for casual wear.

Same goes for you Knights, as well! If I had a bunch that hung together as tight as you guys, I'd have to show it off with class, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Looks like good times dad used to call my Mom the Dragon..that brought back a memory or two..:)

*Goddess* said...

You guys (and gals) are looking good!

DrowseyMonkey said...

y'all look like you're having a great time! Love the names...dragons & very cool.

J said...

THat's so darn cute. I wish I had a nickname...or sisters for that matter!!

D would be right there with you on the Dos Equis!!!

Suldog said...

That sounds like great news about Ron. I'd like to think the many prayers said by your readers, to God, must have helped. Excellent!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Awesome news about Ron. I also loved the story about how the names came about. You guys are a tight bunch. I was proud to be let in for a while.