Saturday, January 26, 2008


No, not that kind of “beer bat,” just a separate encounter with each last night.

It has been very cold here of late, but no snow, just temperatures in the teens, and wind chills in the single digits, and a long icicle hanging above Baylee’s water bowl. Burrrr…looks cold, don’t it!?

I pulled a soft round package of pork tenderloin from the refrigerator last night and prepared to cook it to go along with our still baking sweet potato. However, when I zipped my knife down the side and rolled the meat out on the cutting board, I noticed that there were some bones! Bones? There ain’t no bones in a port tenderloin!

That was the first time I read the package…PORK RIBLETS! Heck fire…it looked like a roll of tenderloin when I tossed it into the buggy!

What the heck…I cut it in to 6 inch long pieces and cooked it just the way I would have the tenderloin. I couldn’t take it back now, so I might as well cook it, and if we don’t like it, Baylee will!

I poured a cold Yuengling into the Molson glass I walked out the Fallsview Casino & Resort in Niagara with, and cooked the riblets in EVOO, minced garlic, and a new jalapeño cooking sauce I bought recently. After salting and peppering, it browned up beautifully and Judy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Baylee got the little flat soft bones and we were all happy and good to go for the evening.

Katie Bug came and spent the second night with us this week, arriving just in time to watch “Friday Night Lights.”

I then settled in to visit some blogs and leave intelligent comments, when Judy came flying in the computer room, “There’s a bat in there!


It’s another bat, and don’t tell Katie,” who was by then taking a shower.

This was the second time we have had a bat in the house. They live, by day, along the bottom of the vinyl siding, and somehow they work their way up into the fireplace…best I can figure, and fly out into the living room looking for a place to get out.

The first time, it was spooky…something fell in the living room after lights out! There I was walking through the living room to the kitchen in the dark, Bersa .380 stuffed full of Hydra-Shoks! I kept feeling something blow on my hair! I turned on a light, and there was the bat fluttering around, just missing my head with each circle.

I grabbed a broom and made a few “swings and misses” and then thought to open the French doors that lead to the deck. After bumping him/her a time or two, I succeeded in directing it out the opening.

Last night’s encounter took a little longer, but nothing was knocked off and broken like the last time. Judy ran and closed all the bedroom doors and I succeeded in hemming it in the living room and dinning room area. I swung and missed twice (sorry no photos), then remembered the deck door. After opening it, I took up a batter’s stance and swung one last time; tipping the bat into the side of the couch. The bat tumbled to the floor and with one hockey like swing; I scored a goal through the French door!

The bat lay there exhausted and I closed the door and turned off the porch light, and took several deep breaths myself.

After stuffing some small towels in between the fieldrock wall and the fire-screen, I took another look outside. The bat was gone, but did it fly away or did one of my owl buddies get him?

So, I decided to have that third Yuengling!

I answered a couple of emails from Lin and Jeff and went to bed. I figured I would dream about bats all night, like I do when I watch things about snakes, but I slept peacefully all night. Must have been the beer!


Jeni said...

We have a problem every now and then - not often, thankfully - that a bat will squeeze through a really tiny opening between the house eaves and the attic (or so says my son-in-law anyway) and then, it -or they -get in the attic and manage somehow or other to squeeze out from the attic around the ceiling door opening and come into the house proper. It usually manages to wreak lots of screaming and havoc for a while till son-in-law -or grammy (me) grabs something and manages to bat the darned bat down! Like snakes, bats are not among my favorite creatures either.

Anonymous said...

never had a bat problem But I have sipped a Molson Canadian or two....:):):)

BRUNO said...

I get bats in my barn sometimes, but so far, they've left the house alone---or at least I've yet to encounter one in here. Had a copperhead snake on my back porch once. Wife said to knock it in the head with something, which is what I did---with a .22!

Thank God for hardwood floors, and wood-putty.....!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

In the summer we have bats all over the place. Mexican free-tails that chirp as they echo locate for mosquitoes. I love the little critters. Never had one in the house though.

That 1 Guy said...

I've been told there's bats in my belfry, but I've never seen'em.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

ooooh...I once lived in a house that had bats in the siding time I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom & without turning on the light...almost peed on the poor thing which was IN THE TOILET! AAACK! When I heard it splashing around (underneath my bare butt!), I JUMPED STRAIGHT UP & well, let's just say I didn't need to pee anymore! LOL!

Eeeeew - I don't like bats!!!

Les Becker said...

Now, there's a man after my Canuckian heart, with that beer glass. Not that I would fill mine with "Canadian" either - but a Stella or a Heini would suit. Now I need a glass like that!

Mushy said...

Olga - You sparked a memory...remind me to write about my toilet/creature experience some time!

pat houseworth said...

Bats drive me "Batty"...used to get em' in the house out on the farm...had to use the tennis racquet to knock em' down

While at the Health Department, it was much more serious...folks would kill them, bring them in for rabies testing..more than once we had to send them and the kids off for Rabies Treatments(shots)....I rember one the guy told me he had killed it and stuck it in a cooler so I could transfer it to the lab....when we opened the sonofabitch at the flew out and landed on the wall....everybody scrambled, got the thing in a jar, you guessed it...RABID! The guy's whole family had to get the 5 shot series.

Buck said...

I've had bats in the house, too. Dealt with 'em just like Pat... "Buck 40, Bat Love."

The Second Mrs. Pennington would, uncharacteristically, hide until the damned things were dispatched.

Scott from Oregon said...

I have a bat that visits periodically. I call him flippy.

Anonymous said...

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