Sunday, January 13, 2008


Judy and I got up off our lazy butts mid-week and did a little antique and Wal-Mart shopping! What fun!

Anyway, we got cleaned up and shaved our faces and other personal places, and got publicly presentable. For some reason we took a few photos of each other, using the ol’ outstretched arm technique! I suppose we took them so we can remember what we look like when we are “cleaned up,” and ended the session with a big hug!

What’s that?” she asked. Are you happy to see me or are you 'packing' again?

Well sir, right here is where a man has to be careful. I’m always glad to see you ‘sweet-angel-baby’s-doll-face,’ (that’s my little cutesy name I’ve had for her for almost 28 years now) but I’m also packin',” I said unconvincingly! Now, won’t you feel safe and secure at ‘Walley World’?

So, that’s what led to the “carry shot” on the left.

There is a new flea market inside the old block shell where the old Wal-Mart used to be, so we walked up and down the long aisles. Judy was hoping there was an Avon booth among all the knick-knack places, and I scanned the bric-a-brac for Hot Wheels®, beer and shot glasses. I like those kind of places, basically just for killing time, but really in the hopes I will spot a toy I had as a kid, or something my grandmother had years ago.

All the time, all we could hear were the “special adults” making strange noises over in the snack bar section! I think the folks who take care of these mentally challenged people during the day are “special” themselves, but it is obvious they take them to “flea markets” and similar places because they can feed them cheaply, and without having to worry about the mess they may make.

I wish I felt more comfortable around them, but I have to admit they make me nervous, and plainly it is because I don’t know how to react. I truly wish I did, but I don’t. I missed that training somewhere along the way. You have to understand my short coming, especially when I relate how one of them stood beside me and yelled at another one “You ain’t dying, u-just chokin’ ur sompin’, and the other one suddenly projectile vomited a hotdog and French fries right in front of me. Surely you can understand my anxiousness around them!

So, we left the commotion and scrambling around for bio-cleanup implements, the antique dust, and all the Chinese made junk, and headed for the new Wal-Mart for "upscale" Chinese junk!

I always peruse the Hot Wheels® as we pass the toy section on the way to the food section, and, low and behold, I spotted a couple more Mustang and AC Cobra treasures for my collection! Thank God, the day was not a total loss.

I’ve been collecting Mustangs, Thunderbirds, and AC Cobras for several years. They once held a prominent spot in my bedroom, but Judy insisted they now wait on my attentions down in the dark basement. I suppose that’s okay, the collection has not suffered, but instead has grown since being relegated to obscurity!

My collection spans Hot Wheels®, Matchbox, and the Johnny Lightning series. I only collect Ford Mustangs and Thunderbirds, and anything with Carroll Shelby’s name or trademark on it! I don’t know why…so don’t ask…I just love them! I do know that Carroll Shelby has always been a hero of mine!

Back home, I again felt safe and tried not to think too much about our "special" fun day in the neighborhood.


Hammer said...

I've got some johnny lightnings of famous mopars. They are really well made.

I think Hobby Lobby sells em.

J said...

Wow is that a collection or what? I really like it. Sometimes I wish I had some sort of collection, or hobby. Carrying guns probably won't be my hobby anytime soon, but I can't say I would look bad with a piece like that on my hip!!

I started reading you after the whole dresser ordeal, so I never knew you had your own room. Doesn't that get a little lonely?

Nice to see you back here, Mushy. You were sorely missed.

Mushy said...

J - You see only a portion of the collection - the best stuff, the stuff I paid the most for on eBay, is put away in boxes.

No, I don't get lonely...I get to live! Besides, tiptoeing can be fun and rewarding!

Catmoves said...

Mushy I think you ought to build some new shelving for collection, if all the best stuff is in boxes.
You could hang spot lights and really do it up right. Use that great imgination of yours.
Besides, it'll give you another hiding place.

Mushy said...

You're absolutely right Mary, I need a hiding place!

I'll give it some thought, but I'll need a good excuse.

Buck said...

I collected Matchbox cars as a kid, getting my first ones when my Dad was stationed in London, back in the '50s. I have no idea what happened to 'em and hesitate to even think what they might be worth today. But I had literally hundreds of the things since I continued buying and displaying them all through high school. Matchbox is the best of the bunch...IMHO.


BRUNO said...

I used to hide out in my upstairs level, before MY "linkages" got all rusted tight! Got a full-fledged HO scale train setup on a table up there, just beggin' to be run again. Am seriously considering a residential-style elevator for access to my upper levels. But they don't come cheap...!

Lin said...

It's hard to stop collecting, isn't it? I STILL have to check out the kiddy aisles in Wally World for any good-looking motorcycle toys. Luckily, I only get into town about once a year now ... that helps cut back.

That's a great pic of you and Judy, ya know. Very nice carry arrangement, too.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yeqa, I used to collect Matchbox casrs in England too. Had some cool little race cars and a few trucks. They're up in the attic somewhere, with the soldiers. And don't feel bad about bein' weirded out by "special" folks in a situation like that. I think we've all been there.

Jose said...

I still collect them. I also collect those $15.00 cars you find at all truck stops. They are way cool. I don't go out shopping much, I leave that for the girls in my house but if by chance they drag me, the toy aisle is a must.

Les Becker said...

Something tells me that when I visit you, I'm not going to be allowed to play with your cars. Do you have a part of your collection that your little friends who won't grow up get to play with or do I have to bring my Barbies when I come?

Not a Granny said...

Not a Grampy has a collection also. I am not sure what, I will have to take a picture for you to see. His are regulated to the garage though.

Suldog said...

Mushy - This has little or nothing to do with your post today, but I just realized something. In some of your shots - the "carry shot" here, for instance - you bear a strong resemblance to Jon Lord, the former keyboard player for Deep Purple.

Just thought you'd like to know :-)

Suldog said...
to compare, if you wish.

Mushy said...

You got me Sul! I've been hiding out for years!

NO...just kidding...but coincidentally, I am listening to Deep Purple cuts FHB sent me earlier. It sounds like me!

Becky said...

I have a long-time friend that has a sister that's mentally retarded and if I hadn't known then, then I dont' think I would've known how to act either. Plus, it's hard to know what level of understanding they're at. But, this girl loved to go to WalMart and shop for things she liked, like movies or toys.