Sunday, November 25, 2007



We drove through the first snow flurries of our season to get to Intercourse, Pennsylvania in Lancaster County, and the home of 29 covered bridges! We quickly realized that if we spent 15

minutes at all the bridges there that we would be short a few days on our allotted schedule! So, we

only visited a few.

All the way up and now on the way back south we had followed “Maggie Magellan,” but Ron could not take one more “toll road!”

Where she takin’ us now?” he asked angrily over the walkie-talkie.

We’ll soon be on I-81,” Gary explained. However, Ron wanted to check his Atlas against the way points on the GPS system.

If there are two things you need to trust in life it’s your compass and your navigation system. We were soon back on the road, and luckily we only paid one more toll before making it on into Lancaster, otherwise, Ron may have parted company with us in short order!

Finally, we were unloaded at the Country Inn and soon sitting in the adjacent bar and restaurant, cooling off with a Yuengling.

The next morning we took a tour at the Amish Village and learned a little about the local culture. Unfortunately, we sent a couple of Amish guys to hell by taking their photos before learning better!

I would have loved to spend a little more time in the area, but you can only see so many Amish farms and covered bridges in couple of days. Everyone enjoyed walking around Intercourse and touching all the craft merchandise. While the Dragons did a little more of this than we could stand, us Knights drove around until we found a sign advertising cheese for sale.

We learned during the lecture at the Amish Village that most of the Amish cheese was made in Ohio, but the guide thought we could find some locally too. So, we finally saw a sign and drove up past the barn to a little out building marked “Store.”

Inside there was a nice young Amish teenager helping a customer in his stocking feet. He was very friendly and looked nice with his “bowl-cut” hair cut, suspenders, and multi-colored plaid shirt.

Got any cheese?” Ron asked.

Oh yes, we have plenty here in the refrigerator (gas powered naturally).”

Did you all make it? Ron asked.

No sir,” he answered.

Was it made in Ohio?” I asked.

Oh no, we buy down at the store,” the young man said without shame.

We bought a pound each and it was good, although it was not authentic Amish cheese!

After passing road killed deer number 50, we finally saw the Tennessee welcome mat. It was good to be back home. After all, if you have ever visited East Tennessee, you know that the country in West Virginia, Virginia, New York, and Pennsylvania is not that much different. The only difference I could find was that the hills are just a little further apart!

We also have a “shopping Mecca” like the Pennsylvania Dutch Country – it’s called Pigeon Forge here! The difference here is that Dolly Parton will greet you wearing less traditional outfits!

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Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Mushy - You had me at Intercourse.

Chuck said...

LOL at Olga!

Great pics Mush. I especially like the last one! GO VOLS!! I'll be in Atlanta next weekend!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Aahahaha. Yea, I was like, "Woa, what an intro"

Those are great pictures man. Love the shots over at FlickR.

Yea, last summer I had issues with my GPS sytem. Every once and a while the female voice would tell me to make an obviously wrong turn, tell me to turn here or there, and I'd have to ignore it because I knew I needed to go strait. Eventually she'd say stuff like "Turn left in 100 yards", and I'd just say stuff like "Bitch shit up!" I'd pass the turn and she'd say "Recalculating". Got to be funny. Was fun to play with.

Oh, and if I didn't know they were sellin' Yuengling in Tennessee now, I'd say this was all a thinly disguised excuse to go north and load up the trunk. But hell, you're probably still drinkin' the stuff I bring ya.

Lin said...

Mushy, thanks for the memories of omnipresent tollroads and road kill deer - it all came flooding back to me. No wonder I seldom leave the canyon any more!

I just plain don't understand FHB's comment about fighting a female voice when he admitted that he knew he had to go straight eventually.

Sarge Charlie said...

I hope you ate at one of the family style Amish places in Lancaster. I would drive from Aberdeen Md to Lancaster just to have dinner

Anonymous said...

I was very disapointed when I went through Intercourse many years ago..I pulled my rig over to the side of the road there and nothing happened..I was quite prepared for it too.....:):)

BRUNO said...

NASCAR, above, beat me to it---I was just gettin' ready to ask, "So, how did the locals in Intercourse treat you?".......

Mushy said...

Ah, you have to bring you're own partner!

Debbie said...

Sounds like you had a great time. We did too when we visited Niagara Falls, summer 2006. Only we drove to Michical, on to Mackinac Island (no engine powered vehicles there) for three days, crossed over into Canada. Then we traveled through Canada to Toronto and to the Canadian Side of Niagara for a few days, then to the American side for a few days, then took the route back through New York, Penn., Ohio, Kentucky, then home.

You are right about the landscape, so similar to Tennessee.

*Goddess* said...

We visited the Amish village when we were kids. I thought it was really interesting to see the way they live. BTW, did you get to Dutch Wonderland?

DrowseyMonkey said...

And I thought Newfoundland has some weird names...but intercourse is pretty weird. Well as a name for a town I mean.

Jerry said...

You have to go thru Intercourse to get to Paradise.

I used to live in Harrisburg, PA off and on for 8 years. Beautiful country up there.

Becky said...

I was caught by the intercourse as well;) I know what you mean about seeing only so many covered bridges and Amish Farms -- I kind of felt that way about some areas in South Carolina over my break. Or the fact that there's about two dozen town squares in Savannah, they all kind of look the same.

phlegmfatale said...

Cool photos. Those Amish-- what a barrel of laughs, eh? Back before the Ozarks started getting so crowded (?!), there were a bunch of Mennonites who lived near my grandparents, and we'd drive out to their place to buy molasses and sourghum from them. Good stuff, but it was always so peculiar to see people my own age for whom technicolor would never exist. I suppose living like that does have its charms. I don't intend to find out, but...