Monday, November 19, 2007


Suldog beat me to it (‘cause he’s sharp that way), but I had actually planned on beginning this series of post with a reference to the famous routine by the Three Stooges!

Anyway, I had intended to only post one item on our trip to and from Niagara Falls, Ontario, but I took so many “blog-worthy” photos, I have decided to do this in three parts.

The road trip began last Monday morning at the crack of dawn. Judy and I dropped our baby dog Baylee off at Charlotte and Gary’s kennel and loaded our huge suitcase into their Tahoe. We then rendezvoused at the Cracker Barrel in Strawberry Plains, TN with Neena and Ron.

Gary had purchased a Magellan GPS navigator system for his pheasant hunting trip the week before, so we were in good hands with “Maggie Magellan,” as he called the voice on the system!

Our first scheduled stop was in Lewisburg, West “By Gawd” Virginia! That afternoon we walked around “downtown” Lewisburg. Shopping was not on the Knight’s agenda, so we quickly spotted the Irish Pub on Washington Street! Man, was that ever lucky!

Ron Dog, his call sign on the walkie-talkies for the trip, and I were soon half way into an authentic black and tan, with Gary pulling on a Heineken draft. The owner was a true Irishman, and we listen closely through his thick brogue, as the gave us the “old country” tale of how “black and tans” were born.

The next morning we headed out for the New River Gorge State Park to see the colors, and, of course, the famous bungee/base jumping New River Gorge Bridge we had seen many times on Discovery.

Well, the color was there, but it was subdued by a slight drizzle and dense fog hanging in the valley. We decided early on “it is what it is,” so this did not keep us from getting out and seeing the sights. As you can see, the photos were still there and we had a great time walking to the overlooks and touring the visitor’s center.

A tour bus arrived and unloaded, but they were told they could see nothing from the overlook, so they soon loaded up and left. The old people will never know what they missed at the end of the rainbow!

Another place we all wanted to visit was The Greenbrier. The Greenbrier is located in White Sulpher Springs, just outside of Lewisburg. During the cold war a secret bunker was constructed beneath the resort for members of Congress to wait out a nuclear holocaust! It is a very interesting story, so click here to read all about it.

However, with a price of $30 a head, we opted to browse the Christmas Shop across from the main gate. It was lovely too, and free!

That evening we dined at the wonderful Food and Friends restaurant on Washington Street. The experience was fantastic except for the idiot that was describing his deer hunting trip that morning on his cellphone. To top it off, he walked off and left his cellphone on the table. The phone began ringing and everyone was looking around when the asshole came back in and picked it up and began talking as if he had been there the whole time. Ten years ago I would have probably tackled him, but nowadays I am a little picky about who I tackle – lucky for him!

It’s so good to be back! Although we had good accommodations, I sure missed my bed. I did not move the entire night last night. I slept like I needed it and I did. We drove a total of 2100 miles, 650 of it on the last day, and I was bushed!

Oh yes, I missed blogging too, but I was not about to pay the kiosk prices ($5/10 minutes) just to open Mushy’s Moochings and then log off! Won’t someone buy me a laptop for Christmas?

Sorry it has taken me so long, but I had over 200 photos to thumb through, clothes to unpack, and groceries to buy.

I still have not caught up on your blog posts, but I promise to make the rounds. I may not comment, in order to get up to speed quickly, but I’ll be back in the swing in a couple of day…well, with Thanksgiving coming up…maybe longer! I have two “boys days out” coming up this week, so things may remain spotty for some time.

See ya.

P.S. Be sure to click on the photos for larger sizes, or go to my Flickr page to see more of them.

Next…Part 2…Niagara Falls!


BRUNO said...

Ain't no need to hurry---hell, we know where you are, you can't lose us that quick and easy!

I just posted about what I did---or rather, didn't!---do for my b-day. Turns out it was a "super-mini-condensed" version, similar to what YOU did---except I slept through most of it, and it only took me ONE day...!

Lin said...

Good to have you back in blog town, Mushy. Wonderful Fall colors despite the drizzle, too!

Scott from Oregon said...

What an awesome beer picture!
(OK. The bridge was awesometoo...)

pat houseworth said...

Great Photos...was stationed in upstate NY my last 2 years as a Sky Cop, beautiful area, just the weather was never my cup of tea....tried living there for a year after I got out, but wanted to travel......."On The Road I Went"

Great Photos, and Welcome Back to the Grind.

David Sullivan said...

Glad you're back, I was sick of looking at your great, great, great, whatever, grand-dad!!!

Les Becker said...

I can't believe you went all the way to Niagra Falls and didn't come far enough to see me... Then again, I'm not sure the Sault could handle you all, either. Maybe it's best you didn't?

Anyway, looking forward to your Falls pics - hurry up! :-)

Sarge Charlie said...

it is nice that bloggers can share their vacations with each other, this is way cool dude....

Mushy said...

As the Sarge said, it's "way cool" that you can have blogger friends that actually enjoy your vacation photos!

I've missed you guys.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Cool pictures, and great stories. Yea, it's fun to go along with you guys through this machine. You know how to have a good time.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Welcome back to bloggytown Mushy! Great photos & story! I have a little something for you over on my blog, so please drop by when you get a chance.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

And what the hell is that lump you're layin on there? I was gonna ask if that was Steve, all bundled up, but then remembered he probably had to stay home and work. Poor bastard.

Mushy said...

Lump...I resemble that remark!

It's all me dude...thanks for pointing that out!

*Goddess* said...

Oddly enough, the Niagara Falls bit is the only thing I remember from the Three Stooges. That, and when they tried to make the Thanksgiving turkey and it ended up flying out the window.

The picture of the New River Gorge Bridge is beautiful. I see the foliage looks pretty good. I was wondering what you were going to find cuz it was iffy around here.

*Goddess* said...

BTW, I see you're all in bed together. Like that, huh? LOL!! Couldn't resist:)

Mushy said...

Boys and girls, I may be a little delayed in posting again...I've lost my video monitor and/or card and can't get on my PC for access my photos or documents.

See ya soon...I hope.

If I don't see ya before Thanksgiving...Happy Turkey Day!

Anonymous said...

Boys days out are's one of those mandatory keep your sanity things.. enjoy...Good Pics there young man....

Alex said...

You came all this way, and didn't stop by to let me buy you a Church Key IPA, or a Blanche de Chamblis? Man, you're missing out on some good Canuck beer!

pat houseworth said...


Buck Pennington said...

Dang. I hope your 'puter woes get resolved soon, Mushy. Great pics and narrative!

Happy Thanksgiving!

phaseoutgirl said...

Hi Mushy,

Hope you are having a ball at the Falls!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Jose said...

That's so true about accomodations, no matter how fine there's nothing like coming back home to your own bed. Welcome back mi amigo, what an awesome trip you must have had, the pictures are worth a thousand words but the words in your tale is priceless. I am due to a trip of that caliber but it won't happen any time soon. So I'll just enjoy with you through your story and pictures.

As for me, I am not stopping bloggin' I'm just blogging less becasue bix is addicting.

Anonymous said...


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